Learn How To Identify If You Have Diabetes In 7 Steps ( Silent Signs )

Identify the silent signs of diabetes. Diabetes, is a disease that is represented by the alteration of the levels of sugar in the body and this can affect any part of the body, to the point that a simple scraping can generate great problems for the person who suffers.
Thus, diabetes is a disease that must be detected and cared for with high precaution, since if it is not taken care of it transcendental changes in the quality of life of patients.
1.Accelerated changes in weight, both significant increases and weight loss. This is because the body can not process carbohydrates and rejects them or, on the contrary, retains them by generating excess weight.
2.There is a strong need to urinate constantly. This is due to the high levels of sugar that the body contains and that defenses it tries to release it through the urine.
3.Constant presence of thirst. This is caused because the body can not find a way to eliminate the excess sugar it encounters and causes the kidneys to work much more than they should, resulting in constant thirst.
4.Frequent headache, caused by lack of glucose in the body.
5.Permanent fatigue. Caused by the dehydration that the body presents to the high levels of sugar that are not eliminated naturally.
6.Difficulty to heal wounds. As mentioned above, a simple scraping can cause great discomfort in diabetic people, since they tend to become infected more easily.
7.Stains on the skin, even on the neck, elbows and knees. This is because the body does not remove it properly and the dead cells are not removed properly.
Important: If you present some of these symptoms, it is important that you visit a specialist and put yourself in treatment to balance the disease.

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