How to Make Ginger Tea to Eliminate Belly Fat

Make ginger tea and eliminate belly fat. Sounds easy and it actually is. Fat in the abdomen is not only an aesthetic problem, it can be dangerous and lead to numerous health risks. You need to understand the risks and the reasons for this fat and take steps to minimize it, as adding this ginger tea recipe to your daily routine will set you on track to lose fat and feel better.
There are two types of body fat, subcutaneous (the layer that builds up under the skin) and visceral (the deep fat that accumulates around your organs).
Belly fat is particularly dangerous because it builds up in the depth of your abdomen and sits around your organs putting pressure on them. This visceral fat is associated with:
-Reduction of metabolism

-Heart disease

–Type 2 diabetes


–Problems of the gallbladder
Visceral fat does this while disrupting hormone balance, causes high blood pressure, coagulates your arteries, and secretes harmful inflammatory cytokines that can lead to insulin sensitivities.
High levels of cytokines can lead to a dangerous amount of inflammation, which can cause cancer and memory loss.
Belly fat is the result of some factors outside of your control such as age, gender and genetics. However, some things are in your control and have a greater impact on the level of body fat. These factors are exercise, diet and hormones .
Start weight training if you want to lose this dangerous fat, or you can do daily walks that will help you. Our Western habits have us sitting at work, sitting while traveling, and sitting down once we get home. This lack of movement has serious consequences for health.
When it comes to health problems, preventive measures and food are the best medicine. Eating well is the basis for feeling better because good food works with your organs, rather than against them.
Firstly, too much sugar in our diets is one of the main causes of belly fat and health problems. Do not be fooled by clever marketing: fruit juices have a ton of added sugar and will not help you just because the fruit is in your name. Eat whole fruit with all those beneficial dietary fibers, and cut out all added sugars from your daily nutrition.
Secondly, you probably are not eating enough vegetables. Vegetables should make up a large part of all your meals. Eat leafy greens like broccoli.
Third, avoid processed foods, which are full of harmful chemicals that clog arteries, trans fats, sugar and salt that are the best friends of belly fat.
In older men and women, hormonal imbalance, such as having too much estrogen, can cause numerous problems including weight gain. This occurs when progesterone levels are much lower than estrogen levels, creating estrogen dominance. Balancing your hormones can be difficult, and for men and women who have too much estrogen can increase the production of belly fat, sometimes even by proper diet and exercise.
To help balance your hormones you will need to eat foods that lower estrogen, such as broccoli, cabbage, and whole grains. After consulting with your doctor, finding a natural progesterone cream derived from plants could be beneficial, as it brings progesterone levels to correct the proportion of estrogen-progesterone, get rid of excess estrogen.
A number of health problems come from belly fat, which makes the potential benefits of ginger tea worth a try.
Drink this simple ginger tea recipe 2 times a day to stop fat production.
-1 little fresh sliced ​​ginger

-1 cup and a half of water

-A lemon

-Some mint leaves
1.Put the ginger and water in a pot and bring to a boil, soaking it for 15-20 minutes

2.Pour on mint leaves

3.Add lemon juice
Finding some sustainable habits like drinking a refreshing tea, and doing a little more exercise can make a big difference to your health, and how you feel.

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