10 Products Made In China That Contain Plastic, Pesticides and May Cause Cancer

These products that were made in China contain plastic, pesticides and can cause cancer. In recent years, Chinese cuisine has established itself in almost all countries, spreading with its typical dishes a part of its culture. Although it is a type of cuisine that uses ingredients and condiments that are very different from Western cuisine, it has made a place in the preference of customers.
But we have always heard stories that we never know to what extent they are true or limited to simple baseless rumors.
One of them is the lack of hygiene or advertising that promote fake products that are sold through the Internet through sites such as Amazon or eBay. Many people were cheated in their good faith by buying over misleading advertising, fake products or even others that are banned for being dangerous or toxic.
So that you are forewarned, we detail in this list a series of products that you should abstain and buy, since they can be a problem rather than a benefit, especially when it comes to food.
Imitation eggs
There are websites in China where you can watch videos explaining how to prepare fake eggs and promise buyers very juicy profits. Egg shells are composed of calcium carbonate, while in the interior they are formed from alginic acid (a compound that is obtained from algae), Alum Pots, gelatine, calcium chloride, water and artificial coloring.
These fake eggs can affect the nervous system and memory.
Nuts stuffed with cement
In 2012, a tourist in Zhengzhou City bought nuts inside which found pieces of cement wrapped in paper. The cement is wrapped so that the noise does not generate suspicion. Another methodology of deception and sale of products that are a scam.
Good quality beef is not usual in China, while pork is much more economical. Some restaurants resort to the deception of selling one for another, but the main problem lies in the substances that are used to marinate the pork and give the appearance to the naked eye of being beef.
The marinating processes and the products used can be toxic and lead to serious health problems.
Fake green peas
A newspaper in Hunan Province reported in 2005 that illegal workshops were dedicated to the task of “making” peas from soybeans added artificial colors and sodium metabisulfite, a food preservative.
These false peas dyed green water when they boiled, but that dye used was prohibited because it is a carcinogenic compound that hinders the absorption of calcium by the body.
The complaint was not taken into account by the authorities, according to a food safety expert in Beijing, adding that officials only react to these questions only when a person dies, so that when dealing with long-term poisonings, they refer To the subject as a single isolated incident.
Formulas for babies
Between 2004 and 2007 there were cases of children dying for adulterated infant formula in Fuyang, China.
This formula not only contained few nutrients but the compound used to make it more rendering was chalk. This causes macrocephaly and generalized deterioration of the organism.
Industrial salt for table salt
Although industrial salt is classified as a salt not suitable for human consumption, hundreds of tons were sold over the course of 13 years to be used as table salt.
The consequences can be really serious: mental and physical problems like hypothyroidism and disorders of the reproductive system.
Clay for black pepper
In a market in Guangdong Province, a seller sold ground and flour, making them pass through black pepper and white pepper. To justify his actions, he shielded himself from the fact that “that does not kill people”, but nothing said that it was clearly a scam.
False potato noodles
Following consumer complaints in the city of Zhongshan, it was discovered that a noodle factory did not use sweet potatoes for processing as they claimed, but were made of corn noodles, industrial dyes and paraffin wax.
Ginseng false
We know that China has a millenarian medicinal history and that even many of its bases are used in modern medicine.
Ginseng is a root that is part of this medicine and is used as a tonic.
In recent years, prices have risen sharply and many traders have resorted to the unfair trick of boiling ginseng in water with sugar to make it weigh more and thus gain greater benefits.
An expert in Chinese medicine, says that this is not only a scam for customers from an economic point of view, but at the same time this trick of boiling ginseng attacks against its properties causing them to decrease.
If a ginseng naturally consists of 20% sugar, boiling it, it has 70%, something that ultimately does not bring health benefits.
Plastic rice
Chinese authorities seized tons of plastic rice, so to speak, produced from potatoes and a synthetic resin.
This costs less than conventional rice, although the goal was to sell it as an imitation of a very popular type of rice in China called “Wuchang.”

We hope you find this information useful and you share it. Thank you!

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