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Mermaid was born in India

In Indonesia, thinking about saving the capital from flooding

Meteorite left a mark on the rice field

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Found the “city of giants” in which Goliath was born

Tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons will occur on the Earth more and more often

Mankind has already exhausted the annual supply of resources of the planet

Picture found on a field in Wiltshire, UK

In China, found a fossil footprint tyrannosaurus

The absolute temperature record is set in the UK

X-37B does not have high maneuverability

The destruction of the Progress MS-11 spacecraft was removed from the ISS

100 tons of cosmic dust, meteoroids and meteorites fall to Earth daily

Scientists have developed fuel for the latest nuclear systems

In Japan, due to the heat killed 11 people

The area of ​​forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk Territory exceeded one million hectares

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