Taking a Stand: 22,000 Nurses Refuse “Mandatory” Vaccinations

The vaccinations are splitting the world`s opinions. We don’t know if they can help or actually ruin someone`s health.

Over 22,000 nurses are a part of Nurses against Mandatory Vaccines (NAMV), a movement that wishes to create awareness of the current oppressive vaccine stance the hospitals and the government are taking.
Nurses who have refused the flu vaccine are being forced to wear face masks when working on the wards, they are claiming this is an infringement of their constitutional rights.
The flu vaccine’s integrity has been called into question on numerous occasions, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) even admitting that it sometimes doesn’t work.
Some nurses feel so strongly against the vaccine stance that they are choosing tho lose their jobs to stand up for their constitutional rights.
Even a pro-vaccine doctor Dr. Karen Sullivan Sibert has spoken about how the rule violates HIPAA law.
The safety of vaccines has been a source of speculation in recent times, with vaccines often containing dangerous ingredients that are known to cause adverse reactions in some cases.
Knowing what we know about the intrinsic way the government and Big Pharma are linked, it might come as no surprise to know that hospitals are required to have over a 90% flu vaccination rate among their staff or they are punished by losing 2% of their funding.
While the system insists the flu vaccination mandate is for ‘patient safety’, the safety of every member of staff who unnecessarily receives a vaccine should surely be just as important.

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