A Spiritual Cleansing After A Bad Relationship

The same way rotten food can leave a bitter taste in your mouth, a bad relationship can leave a bitter feel to your life. It can be difficult to just shake it off.
That’s because of things like cellular memories, negativity trapped in the aura, as well as negativity built up in the home, can leave you with the disturbing vibrations that echo the past traumatic events of your relationship and its ultimate demise.
If you’re having trouble ‘shaking off’ an old relationship and moving forward, it may be time for a serious spiritual cleansing.
The first place to tackle when it comes to a spiritual cleansing is the home. This is because that no matter how successful you are in spiritually cleansing your own self, if pockets of negativity from arguments and emotional traumas are trapped in the very walls, rugs a furniture, then its only a matter of time before they start poisoning your own aura again.
So it’s a good time to start a ‘spring cleaning’ of the spiritual kind. Clear out clutter, dust and debris first with a physical cleaning. Vaccum thoroughly and wipe down the cobwebs.
The next step is to add 2 cups of salt to a pot of boiling water. Let it dissolve and let the water cool down, then use that water to wipe everything you can—the walls, the ceiling, the furniture, the windows—think of it as an all-purpose spiritual cleansing solution. If you like you can even put it into a spray misting bottle and spray your clothes and bedding with it.
Sprinkle salt all over the floors as well; let it sit a few hours before sweeping and vacuuming it up so that it can absorb and purify the negativity that might have been lingering. Finish with fuming your room with cleansing incense such as sage or sandalwood.
If you find anything belonging to your ex, or anything that reminds you of your ex that you want to get rid of, set it all aside in a box. We’ll deal with that in a minute.
Once you’ve cleansed your environment, it’s time to cleanse yourself. This can be accomplished through healing, cleansing baths using various herbs and oils.
Even just taking a salt bath can do wonders to boost your mood. Add a few drops of rose hip or lavender oil to restore calm and loving energies.
If this was a long-term relationship that has been going downhill for a while, you might have to get more aggressive and consider going to an alternative healer, such as a Reiki practitioner, for a few sessions.
Finish up with some positive affirmations and meditations to restore a state of serenity and optimism.
Once you’re feeling better and your home is in order, you have that box of leftover stuff to deal with. This can be the final release—getting rid of it. If it belongs to him, pack it in a box and mail it.
Don’t even call him to pick it up—just feel the weight lifted off your shoulders as you get rid of it. If is things that belong to you, such as stuffed animals and gifts—give them away.
Think of those negative energies attached to the gifts being transformed by the act of charity.
Finally, if it is personal items, such as photographs or letters, you might want to bury or burn them. The elements of earth and fire neutralize negative energy, transform them and return them to the universe (just as when a body dies, it’s cremated or buried).
This will be your final release to old attachments so you can really move forward in a more positive direction, and leave the past behind you.

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