Your Bed Is Filled With Lung-Harming Bugs. Here Is How To Kill Them Quickly, Easily And Naturally

Kill those harmful bugs lurking in your bed. Kill them quickly, easily and naturally. We usually sweat more than a liter of fluids overnight – this sweat remains on the bed sheets and mattress, creating an ideal environment for mites to reproduce. According to scientists, there are up to 1.5 million dust mites living in our beds which feed on our skin cells and are responsible for numerous respiratory problems.

It’s not the presence of the bugs that’s the problem – it’s what they leave behind. These dust mites excrete feces on your bed sheets which can enter your lungs and cause inflammation and asthma. Although many people think the dust mites are difficult to remove, there’s actually a simple solution. According to scientists, not making up your bed in the morning will expose the mites to sunlight and air, which will dehydrate them and kill them immediately.

If you get up and immediately make the bed, you will trap the mites between the bed sheets and allow them to feed on your dead skin cells and reproduce, increasing the risk of lung infections. This is why it’s important to leave your bed unmade, while also washing the sheets and pillow cases every 2 weeks. According to experts, you should simply leave your bed unmade for the whole day, and set it up when you get back from work.

After a nearly full day of fresh air and light, you will eliminate most of the mites and keep your health intact.

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