How Vitamin B12 Deficiency Intake Makes You Tired And Weak And 4 Foods Which Will Help You To Increase Its Levels!

The Vitamin intake is very important for the body, but certain vitamins and lack of them can make you feel tired and weak. Here are some foods which can help your body heal and stay healthy.
Viitamin B12, one of the most important complex vitamins, plays a major role in numerous vital bodily processes. Vitamin B12 deficiency is a very serious problem that might provoke a lot of health conditions and diseases. That’s why is really important to detect on time the signs of deficiency in vitamin B12 and to treat them appropriately.
Prior to explaining the commonest signs of vitamin B12 deficiency and methods of resolving them, first, take a look at the following health benefits of vitamin B12:
Protects your heart
Vitamin B12 has the ability to reduce the homocysteine levels in your blood, that are one of the greatest reasons for heart disease. These homocysteine levels in the blood are only neutralised by B complex vitamins. That’s why you should always have vitamin B12 by your side.
Prevents nerve damage
Vitamin B12 replenishes the nerves’ myelin sheath that protects them from any harm. Thus, vitamin B12 keep you safe from nerve damage and breakdown, and at the same time, it is a host of nerve-related conditions and diseases.
Important for your bones
Studies showed that people suffering from osteoporosis had low vitamin B12 levels and high homocysteine levels in their blood. Osteoporosis is characterised by weak and brittle bones and loss of bone tissue. In case you suffer from osteoporosis, check your vitamin B12 levels at your doctor.
Keeps your body supplied with energy
Vitamin B12 triggers the generation of energy in your cells, meaning that most of the time, tired people are affected by the lack of vitamin B12. This vitamin is of an essential importance for your metabolism because it converts carbs into energy.
Main symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency:
Vitamin B12 plays a major role in the creation of erythrocytes, the cells which transport oxygen through the whole body. Lack of this vitamin results in an inadequate amount of erythrocytes, i.e. a condition which is called anaemia, that has fatigue as a sign.
Numbness in the head and feet
Vitamin B12 deficiency causes low levels of oxygen in the body, leading to a weird numbness in the feet and head.
One of the commonest signs of vitamin B12 deficiency is the fatigue. It occurs due to the low level of oxygen in the cells, which can make you feel tired and sleepy. The sleepiness doesn’t indicate that you lack vitamin B12, but in case it’s supported by the above-mentioned signs, then it surely is.
Inflamed and swollen tongue
One of the commonest symptoms of lack of vitamin B12 is the disappearance of papillae, i.e. the small bumps on the surface on your tongue. They are responsible for the taste in our mouth, meaning that if you lose them, you are going to lose the feeling of taste in your mouth. Those people who suffer from this reported that the food they had consumed doesn’t have the taste it used to have before.
These foods are the best natural source of vitamin B12:
Eggs – They are a cheap source of vitamin B12 and can be eaten and prepared in different ways.
Clams – Clams are rich in potassium, vitamin B12, and iron. Only 3 oz. of clams will provide you with 126 calories and 23.8 mg. of iron.
Beef – It’s rich in vitamin B12 and A. However, when buying it, always chose lean beef meat.
Turkey – It’s a big source of vitamin B12. 1 portion of turkey provides 48.2 mg. of vitamin B12.
If you’re vegan, yogurt, cheese, cereal, nutritional yeast, and plant-based milk have a high content of vitamin B12.
We hope you find this information helpful and you share it. Thank you!

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