Incredible Stone That Eliminates Hemorrhoids For Ever

Have you ever heard of the alum stone? If yes, do you know what it can do for you? Probably not. Here are few tips on how to use the stone to eliminate hemorrhoids and other health problems easy and simple.

This stone is a special volcanic rock that comes from economic Asia and without drug-chemical components, without toxic and without side effects, like everything that God has bequeathed us for our well-being and health.

Much has been heard of it, but it has not been fully known, which is why we invite you to read this interesting article that will show you the properties and uses of this magical stone.

This Stone Is Not Equal To All, Know That It Has Of Special (Alum Stone)

– Powerful healing, anti bacterial, firming and antiseptic.

– This stone can be found in herbalists or natural stores and has a translucent appearance and is normally polished so that it does not cause irritation to the skin.

– For its use it is advisable to wet it before its application, rubbing it above the skin for its recommended effectiveness during the day.

– Prevents irritation and infection of the skin.

– For hemorrhoid disinflammation.

– For acne (pimples)

– For sores on pets and inflammation of their nails.

Other uses stone alum

For shaving sensitive skin:
The stone is wet and is passed through the irritated place, the same for the shaving of the armpits.

For shoes and feet:
A part of zinc oxide powder is mixed with ground alumina stone.

As an antimycotic, a part of this mixture is put in the shoes and in the feet to combat the bad odors and the fungi, avoiding the propagation.

With this we realize once again, how the goodness of nature surprises us and comes to us to give us your help.

The alum mineral: a natural deodorant
Many people suffer from the body odor that some parts of the body give off. There are many deodorants, many houses and different odors, which are used to mitigate the smell.

Sometimes, these deodorants are not effective, irritating or unhealthy by the chemical components they incorporate into their formulations. Many deodorants contain antiperspirant substances such as aluminum hydrochloride or aluminum zirconium, a substance that can cause health problems.

Alternatively, there are deodorants of natural origin and, among them, alum mineral, which occurs naturally in the form of crystallized salt. The alum stone or alum mineral has been used since antiquity, although it fell into disuse because of the chemical industry.

This deodorant stone was already known by the Romans for its cicatrizing and bactericidal qualities being used by them as deodorant. Nowadays, the use of deodorant alum stone has resumed, either in its natural state or incorporated into deodorants, since it contains no alcohol, has no perfume, carries no toxic chemical and also does not irritate the skin, does not stain clothes, is non-sticky and has a lasting effect throughout the day.

In addition to using alum stone as a deodorant for the armpits or for its other qualities, it can also be used after shaving, because it calms and helps to heal the skin, after depilation or to control the odor of other areas of the body such as feet, etc.

In Spain has not had much tradition of use, but in other countries is a well-known deodorant since alum deodorant respects health and the environment. In addition to its numerous qualities, alum mineral stone has another advantage, it is very economical due to its long life.

The alum stone deodorant does not act by masking the body odor but prevents it leaving a thin layer of minerals on the skin that inhibit the formation of bacteria that causes body odor. It is a natural mineral sulfate that acts very well as deodorant and healing and is especially indicated in sensitive skins and / or people allergic to other type of deodorants.

The true natural alumuna stone or alunite is the one that is composed of Potassium-Alum K Al3 (OH) 6 (SO4) 2. This is the mineral salt as it is found in nature. It is obtained from a magmatic rock, of volcanic origin, called Traquita Alunífera. This crystal is the experience of alterations of rocks rich in potassium feldspar as the Traquita, which are usually produced by means of circulation of water rich in sulphates. Naturally, alum crystals may have variations in appearance, color or texture, although all retain their properties.

The stone alum is great natural remedy and very economic.

We hope you find this information helpful and you share it. Thank you!

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