Get Rid Of Heavy Metals With This Natural Detoxification

Use natural detoxification to get rid of heavy metals. They do accumulate in the body. The surrounding environment is getting more toxic every day and we need to help our body remove the toxins from it.

Heavy metals and other toxins increasingly threaten our health. Recent studies have found that nowadays we have 400 to 1,000 times more lead in bones than 400 years ago.

Among many other symptoms lead poisoning causes a disturbance of blood formation and such as leukemias and anemias, kidney failure and neurological diseases. Among the heavy metals the most important in health are mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel and zinc. Some intermediate elements such as arsenic and aluminum, which are very relevant from a toxicological point of view, are usually studied together with heavy metals.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, Ph.D., who has been investigating, along with other scientists, heavy metal detoxification for 30 years, has developed a method of detoxification with very effective natural remedies. It has been proven that when we remove mercury from the body the other toxic metals also go away, due to the release of the axial transport in the nerve cells.

Sources of heavy metals The main sources of mercury are: fish (because of pollution of the seas); insecticides (usually containing one or two heavy metals, which are threaded into the food chain); ‘potable’ water (we must assume that all water contains toxics unless it has been proven by analysis to the contrary); some medications (especially those that regulate high blood pressure and tetanus vaccine); and air polluted by industry and cars (by combustion technology).

Another important source of mercury is the transfer of the mother to the fetus through the placenta and the baby through the mother’s milk by hormonal processes. By means of these processes the mother transfers from 40 to 60% of its load to the child. But the larger quantity enters our bodies by the fillings of the teeth. The amalgam used in these usually contains 50% mercury. How does mercury enter our body and where does it stay?

Mercury is the only volatile metal; absorbed by the lungs and skin. Of the inhaled mercury the body absorbs 82%, depositing great part in the nervous system, whereas of the ingested only accumulates near 7%. That is why inhalation is the most dangerous source.

It is known that after eating the level of mercury in the blood goes up in people who have fillings with amalgam because mercury ions are released. These are first absorbed by the saliva and through the digestive system they reach the blood, where they can be measured. If this saliva were water would be prohibited its consumption. Many times, at least two hours after eating, people with 8 fillings have 100 to 200 times more mercury in the exhalation air than is allowed in industrial facilities. These vapors are partly ingested through the respiratory tract. Thus they also pass into the bloodstream, where a part of the mercury vapor is transformed into mercury oxide, a form of mercury that is even more toxic than vapor. And since organs like the liver, bile,

In addition, these mercury vapors easily pass through the blood-brain barrier and thus reach the brain directly, disturbing the barrier in its path, which facilitates the entry of other toxins, which normally can not enter.

These toxins cause their own symptoms that do not have to do with mercury poisoning, but that this indirectly facilitates. Almost all diseases of the nervous system known are not caused primarily by mercury in the brain, but by the poisons and secondary infections that reach the brain through the defective blood-brain barrier. This means that to treat neurological diseases it is imperative to remove the mercury to stabilize the functioning of the blood-brain barrier, thus inhibiting the entry of pathogenic substances.

Studies have shown that radioactive substances are filled with sheep and monkeys to see where mercury is left. After 4 weeks this metal was found in the kidneys, liver, renal glands, digestive tract, hypothalamus, pituitary, limbic system, thyroid, spinal ganglia, spinal cord and brain. After 6 months the functioning of the kidneys had been reduced by 60%. A year later the mercury load had not been reduced, on the contrary, it had increased. After removing the fillings, the quantity was not reduced either. This means: once poisoned – always poisoned.

When we chew, particles of amalgam emerge in their still innocuous metallic form, which they swallow. The natural intestinal flora transforms these particles and mercury vapor into the most dangerous form of the metal: methyl mercury (50 times more poisonous).

This process is called methylation. Numerous experiments and studies confirm this process; even so it is denied by many dentists and dentists. From the intestine passes the methyl mercury to the blood circulation and finally to the organs and nerves.

A lot of mercury is also attached to the bones and joints. Mercury also diffuses through the gums, dental roots and jaw to the central nervous system and brain (within 48 hours). The trigeminal nerve of dead with fillings is filled with mercury, silver and tin (causes the grinding of the teeth).

Related or mercury-related diseases

The renowned chemistry professor Dr. Alfred Stock, director of the Max-Planck institute in Berlin, has shown in several experiments that mercury exits amalgam fillings and can be taken up by the body. He said: “There is no doubt that many symptoms, among them fatigue, depression, irritability, vertigo, amnesia, oral inflammation, diarrhea, inappetence, chronic colds (inflammation of the mucosa) are often caused by mercury to which the body is exposed by its amalgam fillings, in small but continuous amounts. Physicians should pay serious attention to this fact. Then, it will probably be found that the carefree use of amalgam as a dental filling has been a felony against humanity. “(1926)

The main and early symptoms of mercury poisoning are: mild depressions, tremors in the hands, cold feet and hands, sleep disturbances, numbness, high cholesterol, memory loss, fatigue, joint problems. There are many more.

The following symptoms are taken from the book: “Mercury and its effects on environment and biology by Astrid & Helmut Sigel”

– Psychic effects:

Anxiety, emotional instability, shyness, fatigue syndrome (chronic), decreased memory, sleep disturbance, depression, suicidal tendencies, loss of self-confidence, negativity, nervousness, lack of stimuli, addictions, indecision, excitability, epilepsy, hyperactivity of children, autism, decreased ability to react, multiple sclerosis, parkinson, alzheimer …

Physical Effects:

Cold hands and feet, night sweats, chronic pains, headaches, loss of appetite, high & low volume, herpes (no Hg.), Alzheimer’s (Hg. + Al.), Fertility disturbances, constipation , joint problems (pains), hair loss, impotence, arthritis, metallic taste in the mouth, general weakness, resistance to antibiotics, anemia, asthma, high blood pressure, skin eczema, hormonal disturbances, high cholesterol, problems hearing loss, vision problems, susceptibility to infection, liver disease (limited functioning), kidney disease (limited functioning), dyslexia, palpitations of the mouth, neurodermitis, back pain, weakness of the immune system, tremor of the hands , bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, glaucoma,diseases of the intestine, heart disease, cardiac arrhythmia, sensitivity to foods, viral diseases, fungal diseases, candida, lupus, allergies, disturbances in thyroid function, vertigo, abundant perspiration, sciatica, lumbago, colitis, cancer, diseases of the adrenal glands, rheumatism, teeth grinding, crohn …

Because heavy metals work as antennas for electromagnetic contamination, Dr. Klinghardt advises to live in cases of diseases caused by heavy metals in places where there is little or no radiation.

As we have seen the mercury is fixed in different parts of the human body. It mainly affects organs like the liver, kidneys and heart, causing different alterations in them. But it also affects the joints, the intestinal tract, the bones, the blood and especially the whole nervous system including the brain. There are many symptoms that are related to mercury but not directly caused by it, due to disturbance of the blood-brain barrier. In nerve cells, mercury is responsible for the partial destruction of microtubules, thus inhibiting adequate axial transport. Thus these cells can not get rid of other neurotoxins and other residues. This causes emotional changes (limbic system), disturbances of the auditory and visual system and other symptoms of the nervous system, not always provoked by the mercury itself. In the intracellular space, mercury causes damage to the mitochondria, our energy factories.

Studies showed that microorganisms that are constantly in contact with mercury in the mouth not only develop resistance against it, but also against antibiotics. The mechanisms of how this process works are not yet known. In addition, these microorganisms release plasmids, extracellular DNA, which exits by expiration in the air, causing the same resistance in other living things. Resistance to antibiotics is one of the great obstacles in modern medicine today.

The transfer of mercury from the mother to the fetus and the baby causes a delayed growth of nervous tissue, a smaller brain, less body volume and an incomplete immune system. That means the genetic potential of babies growing under these conditions is less likely to evolve. Thanks to detoxification methods this delay can be recovered in the first year of life.

Among scientists working on these issues, it is hypothesized that many cancers and infectious diseases are an attempt by the body to immobilize the neurotoxins we all have in our body. In the center of many tumors, high concentrations of neurotoxins, especially mercury, have been detected. Also diseases caused by streptococcus, staphylococcus, candida and herpes are related to heavy metal poisoning. It seems that many cures or recommendations of these pathologies through the detoxification of heavy metals are corroborating these claims.

Diagnosis and detoxification

The amounts of mercury in the body can not be measured by blood or hair analysis. The mercury quickly fixes on the different parts of our organism mentioned above, and there it remains; is not spontaneously evacuated. That is why six weeks after placing amalgam fillings the high levels of this metal produced by this treatment have almost completely disappeared and are not seen in high quantities in feces or urine, blood or hair.

To measure mercury it is necessary to use substances that mobilize and release the mercury from the body. For this task some pharmaceutical products like DMSA and DMPS are used, which mobilize and discharge large quantities of heavy metals from different parts of the body through the urine. The great disadvantages are the side effects and they only release the metals of the tissues but not of the nervous system.

In addition there is the great danger of reabsorption because these substances release more toxins than they throw from the body. In detoxification with natural remedies the alga chlorella, coriander and wild garlic are used. Taking these remedies can measure the toxins in the feces. Because metals go from the tissues to the blood; before being absorbed by the chlorella, can be detected in it and thus also in the hair. Understanding these processes is very important.

In order to diagnose heavy metal poisoning, a history of people is desirable, paying special attention to the number of fillings, now or before, fish consumption and other environmental influences such as having a residence near polluting industries. Also the symptoms mentioned above, such as short-term memory decline, teach a possible heavy metal poisoning. Especially the cholesterol level is elevated, when the body treats with mercury. Another possibility for diagnosis is given by kinesiology.

Chlorella has two effects: it mobilizes heavy metals and radioactive and other toxins, eg. Ex. dioxin, especially in the extracellular spaces, to throw them after the body with the feces. Coriander is able to mobilize many toxins from the intracellular space, especially nerve cells and bones. Recent studies with animals show that cilantro makes a rapid mobilization of aluminum and lead from the brain and skeleton, superior to any other remedy.

Although the animal was constantly poisoned with aluminum the content of this metal in the bones decreased significantly during the period of observation. For elimination of toxins mobilized by cilantro it is essential to also take chlorella in sufficient quantities to inhibit a reabsorption of the released substances. Wild garlic protects red and white blood cells against oxidation damage, caused by heavy metals on their way out.

It also has detoxification properties. In addition, wild garlic contains the most important mineral in protection against the toxicity of mercury: bioactive selenium. It is very important to dose these products correctly to inhibit the reabsorption of toxins, which can cause a worsening of different pathologies.

Warning: Only use toxin-free chlorella (producer’s guarantee).

To repair the damage caused by toxins in the nervous system it is necessary to take chlorella in sufficient quantities.

This article is based on the studies and lectures of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, Ph.D., who has been researching for many years on these subjects, also relying on the nearly 10,000 studies related to the toxicity of mercury. Dr. Klinghardt has studied medicine and psychology. It also has training in classical homeopathy and acupuncture.

He has run a clinic of patients with chronic pains in the United States for 12 years. Dr. Klinghardt was often disappointed with the natural treatments, because its effectiveness in many cases was deficient. After detoxifying the patients, to their own surprise, all natural treatments worked highly recommended, due to the elimination of foci of toxins which directly or indirectly cause a pathogenic environment around them.

As a result of this discovery, he once again feels gratified by his work as a doctor, to really heal his patients and regenerate their quality of life. Thus, in his work he only uses conventional medicines exceptionally. He currently has his practice in the United States and is mostly concerned with children.

In northern Europe and the United States there are many people dedicating themselves to the detoxification of heavy metals and other neurotoxins, while here in Spain it is almost impossible to obtain reliable information. This is partly due to the null interest of the pharmaceutical industry, which can not make money with detoxification because it is impossible to get patents for natural remedies.

According to Dr. Klinghardt all ailments lasting more than six weeks are related to poisoning by heavy metals or other toxins. A detox is much cheaper than buying drugs for a lifetime. These researchers have already cured many cases of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, autism and other serious diseases with which the pharmaceutical industry makes many millions of euros in treatments.

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