Fire Department Warns Parents to Check Location of Children’s Phone & Tablet Chargers

The fire department is trying to raise awareness to all parents in consideration to the chargers and where their place shouldn’t be. In the bed. Our children must be warned and we must pay attention to these warnings and protect our loved ones.

The Newton, New Hampshire Fire Department recently released a public warning about charging cell phones and tablets on your bed. With most families owning multiple hand-held devices, it’s not uncommon for both parents and children to sleep with cell phones, tablets, and other forms of technology in the same room. In fact, over 50% of teens report falling asleep with their cell phones actually charging in their beds, often under their pillows or sheets.

Research has revealed that 53% of children/teens charge their phone or tablet either on their bed or under their pillow. This is can be extremely dangerous. The heat generated cannot dissipate and the charger will become hotter and hotter. The likely result is that the pillow/bed will catch fire. This places the child/teen as well as everyone else in the home in great danger. Please check where you & your family charge your mobile devices.

Phone Charging Fire Hazard

As one New Hampshire family found out the hard way, this habit can pose a fire threat to the entire family. Chargers for phones, tablets, laptops, and gaming devices generate excessive heat; without enough ventilation, fires can break out.

Incidents like this are reminiscent of the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall. A faulty battery increased the risk of fire hazard, leading to at least 112 unsuspecting Samsung customers waking up to a fried phone (or worse). While it’s important to pay attention to product recalls like this, making the habit of keeping your phone away from flammable sheets and bedspreads regardless of the type of tech you’re using can help protect your family.

Additional Risks of Charging Your Phone In Bed

The added benefit of keeping your screen away from your bed is reducing the negative effects it can have on your sleep cycle.

Your body’s natural “clock” is regulated by light; for the majority of human existence, this was mainly the sun. Today, however, scientists have found that looking at blue light (the type of light emitted by cellphone, tablet, and television screens) can influence your body’s circadian rhythms so that the natural release of sleep-inducing hormones is disrupted.

Not only does blue light ruin your quality sleep, the effect extends to your risk of serious diseases like diabetes and even cancer. According to a Harvard study, when people’s sleep cycles are regularly changed, their leptin hormones decreased (so they didn’t feel full after eating) and their blood sugar levels increased. Multiple studies have also linked working at night and nightly exposure to lights to cancer, heart disease, and obesity.

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