Global warming provokes a domino effect

Mariana Trench sucks a huge amount of water

80 black dolphins rushed to the coast of New Zealand

Hubble sent the first snapshot after troubleshooting

Curiosity discovered an unusual shiny object on Mars

The mission of “Kubsat” to Mars is recognized as successful

Scientists have calculated the number of all the stars in the universe

In Israel, found a 9000-year-old stone mask

Biologists discovered 22 new types of extremophilic microbes that feed on greenhouse gases

In Alaska, an earthquake of magnitude 7.0. Emergency mode declared

China has ordered the people genome editing work to be stopped

A piece of “Russian Moon” sold for 855,000 dollars

Physicists have managed to cool the sound

A huge dam will lead to natural disaster

Scientists have predicted several options for the future unification of the continents

In the Pompeii Maya first discovered human remains

Why are ancient Chinese tombs built so strangely

Whole universe on one photo

The DNA of the mysterious “Siberian Unicorn” was analyzed for the first time

Climate scientists threatened Europe with more storms and floods

Neanderthals mated with modern humans repeatedly

Deadly infections can be brought from Africa with the wind

Among the bees found gynandromorph: he has two fathers, but no mother

The kinship of the Finns and Saami with the peoples of Siberia was confirmed by samples of ancient DNA

Created invisibility technology that allows objects not to reflect light

Scientists have caught a seismic signal of unknown origin

Created artificial intelligence to manage alien bases

Created AI, able to calculate the offender to violate the law

Scientists have figured out how to create a pill for obesity

Flexible flying drone flaps its wings like pterodactyl

Chant Vedic Hymns For Better Crop: Goa Government's Advice To Farmers