There is an ozone layer above the polar regions of Venus

Aliens are blamed for California fires

Earthquake moved the islands of New Zealand

Two planes hit a UFO on aerial photographs of Antarctica

A second case of hepatitis has been reported

Persian Gulf picture from space

Where evolution will lead man

ESA has published photos of Mars showing hemispheric dichotomy

Alaska will die first due to climate change

China is preparing for a landing mission on the far side of the moon

In Egypt, discovered the tomb of the XIII century BC

Scientists appreciate the fight against global warming by spraying aerosol in the atmosphere

Announced the launch date of the “exoplanet hunter” Cheops

These children all have invisible friends who really existed

In Brazil, forest area is decreasing

NASA expects “seven minutes of horror” on Monday

NASA will send the rover to the delta of the ancient river to search for signs of life

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