Why are ancient Chinese tombs built so strangely

The Italian Giulio Malia talked about why some of the tombs of the Chinese emperors have a strange deviation from the north-south line.

The ancient rulers very much “bother” with the cardinal points during the construction of tombs. Most of them are oriented to the cardinal points. For example, the burial of the legendary emperor Qin Shi Huang, next to which the Terracotta Army was once discovered, is oriented strictly in the direction of north-south. But part of the graves has a certain deviation, which is about 14 degrees. What is the reason?

The answer to this riddle was undertaken by Italian Giulio Malia. The researcher believes that these deviations are a kind of attempt by some emperors to show their connection with the heavens, namely the North Star. The difference in deviations is associated with the phenomenon of the precession of the earth’s axis, when this axis changes its direction in space.

Most likely, during the construction of individual tombs, their architects were guided by the so-called pole of the world – a point on the celestial sphere in which the Polar Star is located. Due to precession, this pole gradually changes its position relative to the conventional observer on Earth. Malia traced the historical change in the position of the Polar Star in the sky and claims that its extreme western point correlates with the orientation of the funeral mounds of the rulers of ancient China.

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