In the Danish library found poisonous books XVI and XVII century

Toad-Gollum was on the verge of extinction

ESA revealed details of the toxicity of the moon

In the US, lightning burned hundreds of exotic animals

Dust can affect the weather

How scientists use birds to predict earthquakes

Botswana found a fragment of an asteroid that fell to Earth

British mountaineer survived after a lightning strike and a fall from the mountain

Heat in Canada killed 50 people

Downpours in Japan: 15 people were killed, 50 were missing

Because of the fires in Clifornia introduced emergency mode

Floods in the Chinese province of Jiangxi

Willand is Rising by 2cm a Year

Blue Origin will begin the colonization of the Moon as early as 2023

Scientists first raised a meteorite from the ocean floor

Near the coast of the US state of Washington fell a large meteorite

The NASA will revise the ways to protect other planets from us

The Soviet station “Venus” in the coming years will fall to Earth

SuperTayfun “Maria” goes to China

Due to the floods in Japan evacuate 30 thousand inhabitants

The Baltic Sea is rapidly losing oxygen

In China, the river became blood red

Mars shines ever brighter as it approaches Earth

Archive of pictures of comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko

“Cthulhu” spread his tentacles in the sky over South England

The pyramid appeared in the sky over Michigan

“The Eye of God” appeared in the sky over China

Anomalies in Uranus

Near the pyramids in Giza found the remains of dwellings

In the Israeli cave found the whole amphorae

Every day on the planet disappears a piece of forest area of New York

Cerita Dokter yang Menangani Nining Usai Hilang 1,5 Tahun di Pelabuhan Ratu

In the main belt of asteroids counted six families

The subsoil of Comet Churyumov – Gerasimenko secrete molecular oxygen

A virus that strengthens the immune system is found

Monsoon rains in Pakistan

Floods and landslides in the Chinese province of Sichuan