Under Tibet, giant “gaps” in the mantle

In space, for the first time, a radioactive molecule

In the chambers of the Indian hospital, fish swim

A neural network simulating the structure of the brain is created

There are more viruses on Earth than stars in the Universe

The largest colony of royal penguins decreased by almost 90%

The probe “Juno” photographed clouds of the northern belt of Jupiter

City dust can transmit resistance to antibiotics

Death from asthma increased by 25% due to the deterioration of the environment

The future tourist ship Virgin Galactic flew over the edge of space

How will the search for life on Mars change after the discovery of the lake?

Scientists have created a hologram of a black hole

In the mound found a woman with tattoos on bones

The universe can die at any moment

On Earth, there will soon be climatic chaos

Intense monsoon rains destroyed roads in Nigeria

An unusually strong hail crashed on Mexico there are dead and wounded

Forest fires covered California

In Britain, a bear attacked a car with people

Kamchatsky volcano Karymsky threw a column of ash

Due to the floods in Myanmar, about 50 thousand people left their homes

Mars is 1000 times drier than the Earth

Can the laws of physics change?

A resident of Australia shot the invasion of kangaroos

Typhoon “Jondary” in Japan left thousands of houses without light

New projects of future houses of Mars are presented

NASA satellite captured the typhoon “Jongdary”

In France, a ban on mosquitoes

Natural fires in California

Monsoon rains in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh