The Netherlands will create a solar farm in the open ocean

The Netherlands will create a solar farm in the open ocean
In the Netherlands, land is very expensive, and building a really large solar farm will be incredibly expensive. More expensive than in the rest of the world.
Reuters reports that the Netherlands is planning to create a solar farm in the ocean over the next three years. The project will begin with a pilot launch of a solar farm with an area of ​​30 square meters 10 km from the shore of The Hague. The farm will be located between two existing windmills and connected by the same cables, that is, no additional infrastructure will be needed.
If everything goes smoothly – that is, if the panels survive and the electricity turns out to be cheap enough – the farm will be expanded to a total size of 2500 square meters. Designers hope to achieve these indicators by 2021.
Marine solar farms are not only cheap from the point of view of the land issue. They also receive more sunlight, and the water around acts as a natural cooler, increasing the overall efficiency of the installation. If the Netherlands succeeds, it will be the first solar farm set on the high seas.
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