On the island of Trinidad, an eruption of a mud volcano began

On the island of Trinidad, an eruption of a mud volcano began
On the island of Trinidad, the mud volcano Devils-Voodyard exploded on the morning of February 13, throwing a huge amount of mud to a height of 10 meters. Then, from the vent, the mud-like mass covered all around with a thick layer about one and a half hectares in diameter. Of the houses located very close to the volcano, the authorities carried out the evacuation of residents.

Trinidad (Trinity) – an island in the Caribbean Sea off the north-eastern coast of South America, is a major part of the state of Trinidad and Tobago, it is home to 96% of the country’s population.
Trinidad and Tobago – a state in North America, located on two major islands – Trinidad and Tobago. The state also owns a number of smaller islands. Trinidad and Tobago is located very close to South America – just 10 and a half kilometers from Venezuela. The population of Trinidad and Tobago is 1 million 340 thousand people. The capital of the country is the city of Port-of-Spain (50 thousand people). There are no other major cities in Trinidad and Tobago. The country uses one time zone. The difference with Greenwich is -4 hours.

The country has no land borders with other countries. Trinidad and Tobago is washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. In Trinidad and Tobago there are mountains. The islands themselves are of volcanic origin. About half the area of ​​Trinidad and Tobago is covered by a moist tropical forest.
Trinidad and Tobago is covered with several mountain ranges. The highest point of the country is Mount Aripo. The height is 940 meters.
On Trinidad and Tobago there are three major rivers – Ortoyre, Guarakara and Karoni. There are no freshwater lakes in Trinidad and Tobago, but there is the only lake in the world from the liquid asphalt Peach Lake. Asphalt in this lake was formed by natural way, the lake is a place of pilgrimage of numerous tourists.
Trinidad and Tobago is administratively divided into counties, municipalities and one self-governing territory.
Counties: Diego-Martin, San Juan, Tunapuna, Kuva, Maillot, Sangre Grande, Princes Town, Penal-Debe, Siparia. Municipalities: Port of Spain, San Fernando, Arima, Chaguanas, Point Fortin.
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