In Kazakhstan they are looking for the grave of Genghis Khan

In Kazakhstan they are looking for the grave of Genghis Khan
Spouses Gulzhanar Altynbekova and Sman Othenen from the South Kazakhstan region claim that they found Genghis Khan’s grave and only half a meter before excavations were discovered.
The family has been waiting for approval of the authorities for excavations for more than a year. Let’s remind, earlier the woman has declared, that to make a historical sensation to it have commanded from above. Gulzhanar is a clairvoyant. According to the magician, the ancestor of Manas pointed out to her in the dream about the burial of the shaker of the universe.
The woman went to the place indicated by him – on the outskirts of the village of Leskhoz in the Arys district of the SKO and was indeed surprised to find something similar to the burial.
Together with her husband, she unearthed a tunnel 13 meters deep, further – it is impossible. The spirit of the ancestor ordered to ask permission for the opening of the century from the head of state himself.
The healer believes that the world history needs to be rewritten. The great commander, in her opinion, was a Kazakh. “Proof” to that – the inscription of the name “Genghis Khan” at the threshold of the grave, written, by the way, in Cyrillic.
Scientists have not touched the find of the inhabitants. Archaeologists said that excavations in the remote steppe can lead to tragedy if a man is overwhelmed in a tunnel.
Local historian and local historian Aleksei Goncharov ridiculed the next pseudo-myth, saying that “Genghis Khan with this land had no side”, and the conqueror was buried in his homeland, in Mongolia.
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