The phenomenon of heavenly “cinema”

The phenomenon of heavenly “cinema”
A grandiose enchanting act was observed in December 1951 by Y. Salovatova, a resident of the city of Kaspiisk (Dagestan). Late in the evening, she saw a huge man in the sky with regular features of rare features, dressed in a gray shirt, trousers and shoes.
His right leg rested directly above the Tarkitau mountain, while the left leg stood somewhere between it and Makhachkala, located 18 km away. Next to him, successively replacing each other, there were several paintings: a series of palaces of marvelous architecture, some on pediments decorated with amazing ornament. Towards the palaces were people.
Another case occurred with the Muscovite Vladimir Bogatyrev. He was sitting with a fishing pole on the river bank, when suddenly he heard a noise behind his back. The fisherman turned around and saw in front of him a strange creature about 2.5 meters tall. “Do you want to see the girls?” – it was playfully offered, and, as if by magic, in the middle of the field a screen with blurred edges turned around.
Vladimir saw a three-minute story: three meek girls walked barefoot in the meadow. One of them said something in an incomprehensible language, after which the screen with hiss was extinguished.
A lot of conversations gave rise to mysterious figures among the townspeople of Salsk in the Rostov region, as if they were written in a thick thick dense vapor. Those were squares, deuces, sevens, mathematical signs “more” and question marks.
They saw them on September 15, 1989, at about 3:00 pm, students of school No. 6, its director V. Shavyrin, many residents of the adjacent microdistrict, workers and employees, his director V. Ryabov, who were walking along the territory of the plant of forging and pressing equipment at that time.
Demonstration of similar geometric images was repeated on the morning of April 3, 1990. Above the Krasnodar porcelain factory there were three rectangles, which soon transformed into three semicircles, three points and three dotted lines.
V. Burov from the village of Davydovo, Orekhovo-Zuevsky district, Moscow region, July 9, 1990, about one o’clock in the morning, noticed in the sky an unusual cloud that turned into a kind of screen or a huge sheet of paper.
On it from right to left began to appear drawings: a square house without a roof with three luminous windows; a terrible face, more like a skull; incomprehensible signs, remotely resembling hieroglyphics; torso of a strangely dressed man with a cylinder on his head. His eyes opened solemnly, and from them sprinkled light rays to the ground. Then the rays disappeared, the pupils narrowed in dashes, and a little later – and the whole figure. Having completed its appointment, the cloud quickly retired.
Odessite E. Chudina June 20, 1990 at half past seven pm from the window of her apartment also saw a strange cloud of gray oval shape, which soon split in two. A woman with a crown on her head and a long golden dress appeared in the opening. The effect lasted about 15 minutes.
And the newspaper Sovetskaya Moldova reported that at the beginning of October 1990, passengers of a bus to Rybitsa village saw in an unclouded sky an orange female figure the size of a full-fledged gendarmerie.
The impression was that the woman leaned back in her chair. Her profile was clearly visible, her hair was loose, her breasts were high, her fabric falling down on her legs. Half an hour later the picture disappeared, leaving only a yellow blur.
Tsiolkovsky has a work called “Unknown Intelligent Forces,” in which he talks about his mystical experiences. They, apparently, convinced him that life on other planets exists. For example, he talks about the incident that happened to him on May 31, 1928. Watching the sunset, he almost at the very horizon saw as if printed in clouds, clearly traced letters “CHAU”.
Tsiolkovsky describes how they looked, at what distance could be from the surface of the earth. These descriptions resemble a scientific report, only the subject of study itself is too strange … Konstantin Eduardovich long thought that this means “CHAU”, until he tried to accept the letters for Latin. And then a clear “PARADISE” was lined up.
Of course, all these cases could be explained either by ordinary mirages, which, as you know, are not so rare in nature, or public hallucinations, or, in extreme cases, simple cheats or hoaxes. But how, then, to explain the word “CHAU”, written in bold letters, which appeared on the sky before KE’s gaze. Tsiolkovsky? It is rather difficult to assume that the materialist Tsiolkovsky would go to deceit.
So to write off this phenomenon, like many other incomprehensible phenomena, on the frustrated imagination of people, illusions, hallucinations or prejudice of interpretation is hardly reasonable. With this approach, almost any inexplicable phenomenon can be attributed to the paradoxes of the psyche and thereby dismiss it. And this is unlikely to serve the progress.
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