Peru noticed a ghost in the bank building

Peru noticed a ghost in the bank building
In the building of Credit Bank BCP in Lima (Peru) a group of employees talked and filmed themselves on camera. Suddenly, behind the back of one of the employees, something dark, like a child, ran. This silhouette was noticed by the one who shot the video, and when he went to the place where the child ran, there was nobody there.
“I saw that there ran a little girl of about ten,” says the cameraman. “It looks like she was crying.”
The man whose ghost ran behind him at first thought that he was being played. He smiles and asks “Really?”.
When they went to that corner, they saw that there was no one there, and especially no girl.
“I swear, I saw how this girl’s ghost ran there, I shot it on the video,” – says the cameraman.
Later the video was uploaded to the Internet and users guessed what it could be. Even more mysterious was the fact that the ghost of the child was not displayed on the video surveillance cameras in the bank, but it was evident that at the time when the ghost of the girl was seen, the glass automatic doors of the bank suddenly opened themselves.
Such doors usually react to the approach of a real person, but there is no one to be seen on the video, except for the girl standing at the ATM in the far corner.
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