The Extraterrestrial Capture of the Earth Will Begin in 2018? Are the Governments of Some Leading Countries Aware of This?

The Extraterrestrial Capture of the Earth Will Begin in 2018? (1)
Many probably already noticed that recently there was an unhealthy wave about the extraterrestrials. The fact that they exist and their scouts are constantly watching the Earth is not recognized only by a madman.
Their ships and “plates” have been watching the Earth for more than one hundred years.
Us began to prepare for a meeting with them at the end of last year.

The media, contactees, conspiracy and even the Vatican, warned: “Be prepared for the meeting!”.
But 2017 has become a truly “breakthrough” year. Even Pentagon staff began this year to recognize that “THEY EXIST AND ALREADY HERE!”. They began to be observed in the sky of all countries. In total, in 2017 there were 4,655 reports on UFOs.
But somehow too optimistic earthlings treat this growing problem. More precisely, the public is optimistic about it. Those who are “in the subject” and possesses sensitive information, try to cut off this optimism, and warn ordinary people.
We give only a few warnings from these informed sources:
1. One such informed source is Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian defense minister and a member of the Canadian parliament.
The Extraterrestrial Capture of the Earth Will Begin in 2018? (2)

He, despite the pressure of the current authorities to ignore information openly trying to bring the truth to the public and to warn: “Extraterrestrial seizure of land will begin in 2018!”
 2. Neil Blomkamp, director, screenwriter, producer, known for such films as “District 9″, “Robot named Chappi” and “Elysium”.
The Extraterrestrial Capture of the Earth Will Begin in 2018? (3)

May 22 this year, in an interview for The Telegraph, he warned that “the invasion will begin soon.”
Regarding the release of the teaser of his new film, he said: “It’s not just a teaser movie. This is a warning to all earthlings. I hasten to release this film as a signal rocket. People who have not forgotten how to think and see above their plates, and the computer screen, everyone understands. I’m not talking about a herd in which 80% of earthlings drove. They were driven up by invented dogmas, religions, and fairy tales for the uninitiated.
 But I want to tell them all: “You are in danger. Soon!”

His film:
Then, at the end of July, Neil gave an interview for Serious New Ufology Magazine and stated that the invasion would begin on August 21 during a major solar eclipse.
“All the information I get from the circle of people who fight them. And whose ancestors fought them. This struggle has been going on for millennia. Based on the information I had at that time, I made a film about 2020, but now with new information, I can responsibly say that it will start on August 21, 2017.
Their space fleet has already entered our solar system and by August 20 it has already reached the Moon and is grouped on its dark side. They will begin an invasion of America when it plunges into total darkness. August 21, when there will be a total eclipse. And the next day, an open seizure of all countries will begin. The whole planet.”

There was no invasion.
But in early October 2017, NEWS.NOW led Nil’s words that the invasion would be in 2018 ..
“We were confident that the invasion would begin on August 21. There were all the prerequisites. But as it turned out, their fleet only entered our solar system and will reach Earth in 2018.
 What do they bring to us? Have you read my interview on this issue? Did you see my short film? Humanity needs to be prepared. TO EACH!”

3. The well-known authoritative independent scientist Michio Kaku, in his terrible forecasts-warnings for 2018, also says that one of the horrors that will collapse on Earth in 2018 will be an invasion of the Earth.
The Extraterrestrial Capture of the Earth Will Begin in 2018? (4)

In late December, in an interview with Anderson Hays Cooper, he sadly said:“The Earthlings do not yet know what awaits them! We became aware of what will happen next year, this summer. Some governments of the leading countries are already aware, but for some reason they keep silent about this fact from the public. Although they are gradually trying to mitigate the future meeting, slightly opening the veil and declassifying information about UFOs, but this is not enough. These governments, of course, make efforts to monitor and control the situation. But, we are still children in the universal universe. We can face the fact that progressive countries have worked with less developed nations in their time. And now they are doing it. Earthlings can be in the role of backward tribes, whose land the super-civilization wants to capture. And we can face this problem in 2018. According to calculations, their time of approach with the speed that they now have, somewhere in the end of May. What it threatens us, I do not know. What their intentions, I do not know. But we all need to prepare for the fact that everything will change. We are not alone in the universe and this is already a fact. And they fly to us! “
And the last …
According to information from numerous insiders from various state structures of the advanced countries, preparation all the same goes. But these messages are quickly deleted. Including from conspiracy sites and forums.
They ALREADY KNOW. They know about the approach, maybe hostile power !! And they are in a hurry!
Therefore, a number of advanced countries in December launch rockets with satellites, for monitoring near-Earth space.
December 22, 2017: US (SpaceX) – Payload: 10 Satellites.
December 22, 2017: Japan – Payload: 2 Satellites.
December 26, 2017: Russia – Payload: 1 Satellite.
December 26, 2017: China – Payload: Unknown number of Satellites.
Note: For unknown reason Russia has lost contact with its satellite after the launch on December 26.
And although they declare to the public that these are all meteorological satellites, but as the insiders say: “these are satellites controlling the space around the Earth. AND THEY WAIT FOR GUESTS! “. перевод на русский язык

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