Secrets of the “Don Stonehenge”

Secrets of the “Don Stonehenge”
In the vicinity of the farm Kerchig-Savrov October (Russia) district of the Rostov region residents for the New Year holidays whitened huge stones, which some still consider the Don “monuments of megalithic culture” such as the English Stonehenge.
About ten years ago the hype began: in the vicinity of the farm there were found menhirs, stone pillars erected vertically. There were theories and versions of the appearance of mysterious objects, the seekers of the unknown reached the village. Now here’s a “menhirs” made a circle in the center of the village, whitewashed and again waiting for the pilgrims.
According to historians, the discovered stones have a more prosaic origin. In the Cossack household, where there was more stone than a tree, vertically set stones carried many functions. Surveying stones, pilasters in stone fences – “srtchaki”, wheelbars at the corners of the farmsteads, grave stones of the Old Believers – which among the Cossacks were a great many – not only in the cemeteries; buried in yards, until it was forbidden …

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