Mysterious civilization of Malta

Mysterious civilization of Malta
Ostrov Malta, which is located in the center of the Middle Sea and is separated from Sicily by the Malta spill, is named, as the researchers believe, to the point of the Phoenician legion of Melita (Astartes).
However, some scientists are suspicious of the idea that the Egyptian horse has “mala”, or “mela”, meaning “mountain”, “holm”. According to the Phoenician etymology, the name can be interpreted as “shelter from the sea waves, shelter”.
One of Malta’s sights is the wonders of the magical origin (more than 70 cm deep), lying on a flat plate. And any system at these tracks, going on hundreds of ments in the glory of the sea, is not found.

Malta also has a large number of other shrines and sanctuaries, which were built from larger stone blocks to the Egyptian pyramids, as the investigators confirm.
One of the hypotheses, the civilization that lived on the island, died about 12 thousand years ago. Periodically, archaeologists find in Malta images of spirals, excavated on stone blocks, as well as garbage very thick women. It is possible that statuettes depict the goddesses who drove the island in the same way.

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