Battle for the treasures “Fleur de la Maar”

Battle for the treasures “Fleur de la Maar”
In 1521 the main ship of the marine association “Fleur de la Maar” departed from the Islamic state of Malacca. On board the ship, which was headed by Admiral Afonso de Albuquerque, nicknamed the Great Albuquerque, was a treasure plundered in several countries.
The ship did not have to travel long, because the reason for its flooding was a storm that caught the ship in one of the seas. Treasures, among which there were precious stones, golden images of animals, porcelain dishes and other valuables, the total cost of about several billion dollars, and are buried deep in the waters of the Strait of Malacca.
In 1991 in the media of Indonesia there was information that eight kilometers near the island of Sumatra were found the remains of a ship with a lot of jewelry. And maybe it was the same “Fleur de la Maar”. Local treasure hunters came to look for sunken treasures. Naval vessels patrolled the area to prevent unauthorized actions by local treasure hunters to raise jewelry from the side of the sunken ship, as the total cost of valuables was about nine billion dollars. And, of course, Indonesia did not want its budget to lose such profits.
 The sunken ship was searched by many companies for a long time. So, the company from Indonesia “Jayatama Isticachita”, having received permission from the leadership of the country, was looking for a ship for 2 years. Despite the very high costs of finding treasures, the company’s management was ready to invest even more in search works, taking into account the fabulous amount of $ 9 billion for the treasures received. But under the contract, the company had to give half of all the jewelry to the state of Indonesia, and the government of Malaysia claimed the things that represented historical value.
The company agreed with such terms of the contract. However, the members of the company had doubts as to whether all the jewels raised by them from the bottom really belonged to the flagship of the Fleur de la Maar squadron. These treasures could be on board any other ship that was part of the squadron.
The treasures of the sunken ship off the coast of Samatra were sought even by lovers of gold from other countries. Some companies have concluded deals with Indonesia and Malaysia to pick up jewelry from the seabed. However, the Indonesian authorities are reluctant to make such deals, because the treasure will have to be divided into 3 parts: between those who found it, between the country in which the treasure was found, and between the country that owns the ship.
The struggle between those who want to seize the treasures, and between those who want to preserve them, continues to this day. And even more so, this fight is periodically fueled by raids by pirates who want to grab a piece of treasure. Therefore, the finale of the “battle” for the treasures of “Fleur de la Maar” can be unpredictable.
And the jewels of the sunken ship remain to this day the property of the waters of the Strait of Malacca.

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