In 2018, the world hunger may come

In 2018, the world hunger may come
On January 23, the 48th annual World Economic Forum (WEF) will start in Davos. On the eve of the beginning of its work, the experts released a report on the global risks that lie in wait for us in 2018.
One of the main potential dangers of the authors of the document is called hunger. According to them, a sudden crop failure or a natural cataclysm can result in a global crisis. And with the accompanying jump in prices for food. Lack of food in one country can quickly destabilize the situation in neighboring countries.
In particular, the risk of shortage of fish in the future is high. The fact is that at present a third of the fish consumed in the world is caught illegally. Poachers are increasingly using high technology for its extraction. The consequences of weak control over this area can be catastrophic.

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