The mysterious fossil Antarctic forest, as a proof of the Great Flood

The mysterious fossil Antarctic forest, as a proof of the Great Flood
Scientists believe that petrified trees found in Antarctica can testify to the Great Flood.
Fossil trees in Antarctica, discovered by a group of scientists led by Eric Gulbranson, a paleoecologist from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, raise a number of interesting questions.
According to researchers, our planet experienced a catastrophic global event, which killed 95 percent of the species on Earth. What really happened then is not known for certain.
Scientists suggest that this mass extinction was caused by greenhouse gas emissions due to volcanic eruptions, which increased the temperature of the planet to extreme levels and caused the oxidation of the oceans.
It is obvious that something terrible happened in the distant past, and the discovery of the Antarctic fossil forest is of interest to many scientists. One of them is Dr. Tim Clare, a geologist from the Institute (ICR), who believes that this discovery is indicative of the Biblical flood.
“This discovery should not be a surprise to those who perceive the Bible as a description of real events. These discoveries show that in the world before the flood there was a much warmer global climate, “said Dr. Claire.
Dr. Clare described various series of events that led to the appearance of petrified remains of real forests once occupying the entire area of ​​Antarctica.
According to him, “these trees were quickly buried during the global flood described in the book of Genesis.” Moderate and tropical plants and animals were unexpectedly captured by huge streams of water and quickly died under a layer of dirt and sand that absorbed them in this disastrous event. ”
Dr. Gerald Schroeder, physicist, Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has a slightly different opinion. He does not question the Great Flood mentioned in the Bible, but he doubts that the fossilized trees in Antarctica are evidence of the event.
“This scientific discovery has nothing to do with the biblical account of the Great Flood. The flood, of course, happened, but it did not destroy the whole world, “said Dr. Schroeder.
Scientists say that the prehistoric forest of Antarctica existed long before dinosaurs roamed the Earth. About 280 million years ago, it was quickly buried in volcanic ash, which kept it to the cellular level. The age of this forest speaks against the theory of the Great Flood, because it is unlikely that the Flood occurred so long ago.
Other evidence of a great flood
Many people associate the story of the Great Flood with the Bible. Nevertheless, ancient cultures all over the world have myths and legends describing time in the distant past, when a terrible Flood destroyed almost all life on Earth.
The story of Noah’s Ark is not just a biblical story. Noah was known under a different name in India, among the ancient Egyptians and Native Americans.
The truth is that besides Antarctica there is not a single continent whose population is not familiar with the history of the Great Flood and Noah’s escape.
An ancient Chinese legend tells how many years ago a great stream of water swept over the country. Cities and villages swallowed huge waves, and many people and animals died. Trees, plants, animals – were lost and buildings were completely destroyed. However, the king emerged from destructive flood waters. And on the flooded lands he founded the Xia dynasty, which will live for centuries. Scientists have now discovered evidence that this ancient Chinese legend is true, and this catastrophic event really happened.
A group of archaeologists and geographers, led by Qinglong Wu in Beijing, China, discovered sedimentary rocks confirming the ancient Chinese myth of floods.
Another interesting discovery was registered in Iraq. The British archaeological team from the Field Museum and Oxford University conducted excavations between 1923 and 1929 in the city of Kish, 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of Baghdad. Since then, there have been no other excavations in the city, and the city itself dates back 5000 years ago.
The visible ruins of the ancient city were covered with sand dunes and mounds. According to archaeological records, the city of Kish survived the Great Flood, which occurred about 7,600 years ago and was mentioned in Jewish, Christian and Muslim writings.
One scientist says that he found evidence that the ancient city of Peter was destroyed by the Great Flood.
There are many archaeological discoveries that suggest that the Great Deluge was a real event.

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