Schumann Resonance Today 24/7 Live Graph (schumann resonance live)

The graph is updated every 15 minutes. Local time is expressed in Tomsk (Russia) Summer Time (TLDV). TLDV = UTC + -- hours.

Full Image - Schumann resonance

Image 1 - Schumann resonance.

Frequencies of SR

Full Image - Frequencies

Image 2. Dependence of Schumann resonance frequencies in Hertz on local time.

Amplitudes of SR

Full Image - Amplitudes

Image 3. Dependence of Schumann resonance amplitudes in Hertz on local time.

Quality factor of SR

Full Image - Q factors

Image 4. Dependence of Schumann resonance Q factors on local time. Local time is expressed in Tomsk Summer Time (TLDV). TLDV = UTC + -- hours.

Electromagnetic background level

Full Image - Electromagnetic background levelImage 5. Dependence of electromagnetic background level on local time in the range up to 30 MHz in decibels

Earth's magnetic activity today

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