Zelensky Outlines Workable Model For Peace Talks With Putin

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has in a fresh interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer admitted that peace talks are possible with Russia, and that they could be modeled on the UN and Turkey-brokered grain corridor deal which was agreed upon early in the war, in 2022.

He told the publication that the two warring sides "can find a model" for potential settlement, and he gave a brief outline of his vision for this. Until now Kiev has refused to sit down with Russia for talks, and Zelensky has many times in the past declared that he won't do this so as long as Putin is still in power.


That's why this particular interview represents a serious shift, coming after Ukraine's severe manpower shortage and crisis which has garnered international attention. It also comes weeks after the Swiss-hosted Ukraine peace summit, which resulted in a vague document still based largely on Kiev's insistence that it not concede territory.

"Ukraine can find a model in which solutions can be found according to relevant documents, steps, and modalities. Such a model was first applied on the example of the grain corridor, when Ukraine negotiated not with the blocking hand of Russia, but we negotiated with the UN and Turkey," Zelensky said.

He then asserted this was a model that "worked"...

"They, in turn, took the responsibility to negotiate with us in a trilateral agreement, and then sign the corresponding agreement with the Russian side. Yes, it worked, two mirror agreements between the UN and Turkey, and a separate agreement with Russia."

"So far, there is only this model," Zelensky added, while also explaining that agreements on "territorial integrity, energy and freedom of navigation" could be struck according to the same format.

Zelensky said he's open to other countries mediating as well. "No one should say that it is… just Europe and the US," he said, referencing countries in Asia and South America.

He also in the interview laid out his vision for 'victory' - which means at the very least to "not to allow the full destruction of everything Ukrainian" by Putin.

The US outlet at one point asked him about the increasing reports that his government has cracked down on media and persecutes journalists and opposition figures. There has also been widespread acknowledgement of persecution of Orthodox church leaders who have not broken ecclesial ties with the Russian Orthodox church. 

Referencing Putin, Zelensky responded by saying "The President mentioned that Russia's policies and intentions towards Kyiv are evident in the occupied territories. Moscow eliminates the use of the Ukrainian language, combats the Ukrainian Church, and teaching of Ukrainian history. Children are taught that Ukraine was never a rightful state." Thus he sought to justify that Ukraine has every right to respond in the same way to Russian culture and language.

Last Friday, Zelensky had in a press conference stressed, "It is very important for us to show a plan to end the war that will be supported by the majority of the world." He is reportedly working on a 'comprehensive plan' to present to allies and to the world.

(Article by Tyler Durden republished from Zerohedge.com)

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