White House Covid Response Chief Who Mandated Vaccines Begs Forgiveness: ‘We Caused Harm’

The White House Covid Response Co-ordinator responsible for mandating Covid vaccines for millions of government employees across the United States has finally admitted the mandates were a tragic mistake – and he wants the public to forgive and forget.

Covid vaccine mandates were “harmful” and bred “distrust in government” according to former White House Covid Response Co-ordinator Dr. Ashish Jha.

Dr. Jha’s admission comes as government officials and mainstream media personalities continue walking back their Covid-era rhetoric and attempting to brush their crimes under the carpet.

Speaking with journalist Chris Cuomo, who also promoted the Covid vaccines during the pandemic in his former CNN role, Dr. Jha admitted that government-enforced mandates should have been “much more narrow.”

According to Dr. Jha, many of his colleagues in public health are vaccine zealots who need to be reminded that the history of mandates is “not glorious.”

“In general, you don’t want to use mandates unless you absolutely have to,” Dr. Jha explained.

“And, I say that as somebody who supported vaccine mandates early on. But, I’m also someone who ended all the vaccine mandates when I was at the White House because I thought the era of mandates was well past its prime.”

The ex-government doctor continued, “You should use mandates rarely. You should use it very narrowly and I get why people did it. I get why I was supportive of it initially. It seemed to work. It certainly saved a lot of lives, but in the long-run it also bred a lot of distrust and was harmful as well.”

“So, hindsight on this is 20/20 but in the future, to the extent that there are mandates, I think they are going to be very, very narrow.”

Dr. Jha also claimed he’s hearing from “loud fringe voices” on both sides of the political spectrum.

“The left that’s convinced that the pandemic is just as bad as ever and we all should still be masking indoors, and then the right with all of its kind of a lot of, you know, conspiracy theories as well,” he stated.

Speaking to the “broad middle” group of Americans, Jha said he sees “a lot of people who think, ‘That was terrible. We didn’t get everything right. Maybe there are some issues with our government and how it functioned. We’re in a better place, thank God,’ and are still open to listening to reasonable voices. And, I think that broad middle is among Democrats, is among Republicans.”

The bureaucrats and mainstream media personalities who locked down and forced the mRNA injections upon millions of Americans are now asking for forgiveness.

However, the people are waking up, crimes are being exposed, and justice will be served.

(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from ThePeoplesVoice.tv)

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