Marine Le Pen Pledges To Embark on ‘Urgent Campaign of Mass Deportations’

French National Rally leader Marine Le Pen has vowed to crack down on radical Islamists in France with a high-profile campaign of mosque closures, citizenship revocations and deportations.

According to Le Pen, whose National Rally party won the first round of French elections this week, radical Islam is the enemy of Western civilization and must be punished to protect traditional French culture from being destroyed from within.

"Those linked to Islamist ideology must be stripped of their nationality and expelled," Le Pen announced at a campaign rally this week.

"The French who adopt the ideology of the enemy must be punished. Radical mosques will be closed ... and the Muslim Brotherhood will be dissolved," Le Pen continued.

International relations expert Paul Monk told Sky News Australia that Marine Le Pen is doing a "brilliant job" from a conservative point of view.

France's National Rally party made huge gains in the first round of parliamentary elections over the weekend, leaving President Emmanuel Macron's centrist government on the brink of collapse.

"Marine Le Pen is doing a brilliant job from a conservative point of view - she's reshaped the National Rally from the days of her father, who was admittedly a fascist," Mr. Monk told Sky News anchor Peta Credlin.

"She's responding, as Donald Trump and other leaders are responding, to clear public concerns about illegal immigration, indeed about immigration and the scale of immigration."

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