Illegal Migrants Look Forward To Crossing Channel “As Soon As Possible” After Labour Win

Illegal immigrants in northern France have been celebrating Labour’s ‘landslide’ victory saying that they will cross the Channel at the “first chance” they get.

Welcoming the new government some of the migrants said they would risk  crossing over to the UK in small boats just asoon as the weather permitted.

The Telegraph reports: Sir Keir had vowed to scrap the Rwanda deportation flights on “day one” if Labour reached power.

Most migrants in the Grand-Synthe camp, near Dunkirk, were unaware of the results on Friday morning, but were delighted when told that Rishi Sunak would no longer be Prime Minister.

Amir, 23, a bean-seller from Kurdistan, said migrants had given Sir Keir a nickname that roughly translates as a man who works for refugees or workers.

He said: “We are calling him ‘Party Krekaran’ because we have heard that this guy is really helpful to the refugees.”

Amir added that he would make the crossing “as soon as possible” now Sir Keir was in power, adding: “It’s really good for us. We were really nervous in our countries to travel all the way here and get sent back.

“We no longer live in fear of them sending us to Rwanda. I’ve seen a couple of documentaries, and Rwanda is not the best place.”

Asked whether the result would make it more likely for them to make the crossing, he added: “Yes of course. I want to cross the U.K. as soon as possible. I was really sure that Rishi Sunak was going to lose.”

Halmat Ali, 31, from Iraq paid £3,900 to a smuggler to facilitate the crossing to Britain. He said: “I like Labour Government. I will cross at first chance. They give me hope. I will cross on Sunday when [the] weather is better.”

Home Office figures showed that a record number of migrants crossed the Channel in the first six months of the year, despite the supposed deterrent of the Rwanda scheme.

Some 12,901 people have reached the U.K. this year – up 17% on last year and up 8% on the previous record in 2022.

At the start of his premiership, Rishi Sunak said stopping the boats was one of his five priorities. Announcing his resignation as Tory leader on Friday, he said: “I have heard your anger, your disappointment, and I take responsibility”.

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