European Youth Have Had Enough Of Brussels' Politics

In Germany, France, and even Belgium, the EU election results have created internal political crises. In some countries, new parliamentary elections have been called to clarify the political values and direction that voters want their respective countries to take.

At the same time, there has been little discussion as to which demographics have turned against the liberal status quo in Brussels the most.

Which social group has been the most opposed to EU bureaucracy and open borders.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, young people indicated their inability to lead a normal life within the European structure and its ideological backdrop.

They simply feel that they have no future because their current lives and the conditions in which they live, which appear to be objective, are in total chaos.

We are talking about a generation, people of an age who are no longer dependent but who have not yet been able to establish a stable existence of their own.

They are our children and grandchildren, not categories with an “X,” “Y” or “Z.” They are young people, “the envied age” of our elders,  but also a generation doomed to be lost in terms of Europe’s situation and future vision. Moreover, their unacceptable alphabetical designation is reminiscent of the degenerate ideology that seeks to ensure that more and more “minority” groups form the fabric of civilized societies, with the result that all forms of division within nations are exacerbated, as is already the case in the international arena.

This fact is further proof that today, subjective will is overriding necessity and the objective values of the community.

Young people have clearly had enough of this, and their votes are a clear sign of it.

On June 9, they voted against it, trusting in the power of democracy and assuming that their demand for change would be understood by the officials at Brussels headquarters.

But tomorrow, when it is clear that the ladies and gentlemen who have been addressed are bureaucrats interested only and exclusively in maintaining their power, and have no regard for the interests of the people of Europe, there will be no other means left to those who want change but to blow up the increasingly petrified edifice.

The only question is whether we, the ancestors, the parents, will be offended by the efforts of our “impudent” successors, or whether we will accept that what we have done wrong, they will be able to put right, or at least try to.

Let them allow the truth to once again be the totality of objective facts, as opposed to the subjective will of those who see themselves as the chosen ones. Let them remove the vested interests that prevent normal functioning.

Good work, young people!

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