Cringe: Kamala Jive-Talks in Communion With Ethnic Brethren

File this under “mostly irrelevant reports from the farcical election front” — but it is illustrative of how fake to their bones these people are.

The Karamel-uh entity recently appeared with Beyoncé’s nepo-daughter or some bitch like that for a bit of tried-and-true condescending to the blacks, who have abandoned its campaign in record-breaking numbers.

Via The Daily Beast (emphasis added):

Taraji P. Henson hosted the BET Awards this year, and she brought the show a bunch of scathing political commentary

Henson would offer more commentary later, this time together with Vice President Kamala Harris, in a skit where the The Color Purple star Facetimed the VP with her concerns about the upcoming election. ‘Madame VP Harris, I’m worried about the election. Women’s reproductive rights are on the line, our Supreme Court is on the line, our basic freedoms are being tested,’ Henson says in the bit, which played during a commercial break about a third of the way through the broadcast…

‘You’re right Taraji,’ Harris can be seen saying. ‘There is so much at stake in this moment. The majority of us believe in freedom and equality, but these extremists, as they say, they not like us,’ Harris continued, referencing Lamar’s track.”

Interestingly, in its reporting, The Daily Beast for some reason left out the jiveist jive-talk from the Karamel-uh entity:

"Yeah girl, I’m out here in these streets…The majority of us believe in freedom and equality, but these extremists, as they say, they not like us.”

Girrrl, she be out there in them streets… in ten-car convoys flanked by secret service agents with not one unapproved commoner allowed within a hundred yards of her alongside her alleged husband, Doug Emhoff — the literal Walmart lawyer who is also, I suppose, “out there in these streets.”

For the record, back in 2016, the Karamel-uh entity was marketing herself as Indian. But being publicly black confers much more political capital, she figured out, so she switched up midstream.

Then there’s Sandy Ocasio from the Yorktown Heights suburbs — who rebranded herself Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sometime coinciding with her work at  National Hispanic Institute and the launch of her political career — doing her best southern black preacher impression.

The Slay Queen jive talk routine didn’t work out for Hillary Clinton in 2016 when she claimed on The Breakfast Club to carry hot sauce in her purse at all times.

Via The Atlantic (emphasis added):

“Has hot sauce ever mattered this much in an election? Earlier this week, during the run-up to the New York Democratic primary, the condiment became part of a minor controversy involving Hillary Clinton. In an interview with the hip-hop morning show ‘The Breakfast Club’ on urban radio station Power 105.1, an interviewer asked Clinton about items she always carried with her. Clinton’s answer was immediate. ‘Hot sauce,’ she said.

On a radio station targeted towards black people with music that most would consider connected to black culture, Clinton’s comments looked for all the world like a textbook attempt at pandering from a campaign that has long been accused by young black people of doing just that.”

Hillary “aint in no ways tired” — especially now that one last opportunity has opened up to clinch the presidency and finally break that elusive glass ceiling in her snow-white powersuit.

Authored by Ben Bartee via substack,

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