WEF Founder Told Young Global Leaders Their Brains ‘Will Be Replicated With AI’ When They Die

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab told the WEF’s young Global Leaders that not only could they expect a 50-year career with the organization, but that it could be extended even further using technology and AI.

“You have the chance to look forward to a career of 50 years, in my opinion. Maybe more,” Schwab told stunned attendees in leaked footage from a Sept. 2022 WEF Young Global Leader conference.

InfoWars reports: The globalist kingpin went on to suggest life-extension technologies that might include “injections” could make it so one’s career could extend long after their physical bodies have given up.

“You will get some injections and so on,” Schwab explained, prompting amused laughter among the crowd.

“And then don’t forget your avatar will continue to live,” Schwab continued.

“And your brain will be replicated through artificial intelligence and algorithms…so we don’t know, but at least 50 years,” he added.

While the audience may have taken Schwab’s remarks as a joke, he was actually telling the truth about how transhumanist technocrats envision a future where humans merge with machines and artificial intelligence. Their hope is this would complete a spy grid surveillance state apparatus and ultimately allow a select few high-level globalists to defy death.

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