WEF-Controlled Finland Mandates Experimental Bird Flu Vaccine for Millions of Citizens

The WEF-controlled nation of Finland has become the first country to begin vaccinating millions of citizens with the experimental bird flu vaccine.

According to reports, Finland has procured the Gates-funded vaccine in order to protect against the next pandemic:

Infowars.com reports: Finnish health authorities hailed the jab procurement and said it will be distributed to adult patients on a voluntary basis, stating, “The vaccine will be offered to those aged 18 or over who are at increased risk of contracting avian influenza due to their work or other circumstances.”

The jabs are projected to be distributed next week.

Although there’ve been no documented cases of zoonotic animal-to-human transmission of avian influenza in Finland, the country ostensibly claims it’s taking steps to prevent a potential outbreak due to its numerous fur farms.

“The conditions in Finland are very different in that we have fur farms where the animals can end up in contact with wildlife,” said Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare Chief Physician Hanna Nohynek.

The US government also ordered 4.8 doses of CSL Seqirus cell-based adjuvanted H5 bird flu vaccine earlier this month.

While cases of bird flu in humans are rare, the establishment has made the disease their latest cause célèbre, with public health figures claiming it has the potential to become the next “great pandemic,” and sparking fears among consumers of beef and dairy products.

Meanwhile, the Council on Foreign Relations globalist think tank has called it “alarming” that the public is no longer as receptive to mask mandates and social distancing amid a potential bird flu outbreak.

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