Ukraine Drone Strikes Score Direct Hits On Two More Russian Oil Depots

An overnight Ukrainian cross-border drone attack impact several regions of Russia, resulting in the death of a civilian woman in the Krasnodar region, and setting several oil depots ablaze in other areas.

A Russian defense ministry statement Thursday described "terrorist attacks" which involved groups of unmanned aerial vehicles coming from Ukraine territory. Six drones were intercepted over the Republic of Adygea, three over Bryansk region, and three over the Krasnodar region, as well as some over Rostov, Belgorod, and Oryol.

The woman was killed in Krasnodar as a result of a direct drone hit on her now "completely destroyed" house, according to the regional governor. Additionally a statement from the governor's office of the neighboring republic of Adygea said that one or more drones struck an oil depot in the village of Enem and ignited an area as large as 400 square meters.

Another oil depot was set on fire, with an oil storage tank destroyed, in the central Tombov region, according to reports. "Early this morning there was an explosion and a tank caught fire on the territory of the Platonovskaya oil depot," Maksim Yegorov, the governor of Tambov region confirmed.

Starting early this year the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and Ukraine's Military Intelligence Directorate (GUR) began to openly tout an active campaign to take out Russia's oil refineries and thus directly harm its energy exports.

As has become the expected response, Russia's military early on Thursday pummeled Ukraine's own energy infrastructure. The war-ravaged country has struggled to keep the lights on for large sectors of the population for several months. Rolling blackouts have been coordinated since March.

An oil depot on fire in Russia's Tambov region, via Moscow Times.

"In retaliation to the Kiev regime’s attempts to damage Russia’s energy facilities, Russian troops delivered a combined strike by air-launched long-range precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles against Ukrainian energy sites providing for the production of armament and military hardware for the Ukrainian army," the Russian defense ministry announced. "The goals of the strike were achieved. All the designated targets were struck."

This new barrage of Russian missiles and drones reportedly caused "significant" damage to a thermal power plant, Ukraine officials said. "The attack on energy infrastructure in four regions damaged equipment, wounded seven workers and cut off electricity to more than 218,000 consumers," the energy ministry said.

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