Trump calls into meeting of homosexual Log Cabin Republicans group

Former President Donald Trump called into the meeting of the homosexual group the Log Cabin Republicans on Saturday.

The X account of the sodomy-celebrating group posted a picture of some of its members gathered during the call, grinning and recording the call or taking photographs with their phones.

The post overwhelmingly drew criticism from X users, with a “Blue Collar Catholicism” account remarking, “There’s nothing conservative about sodomy.”

Trump has been a firm supporter of homosexuality throughout his presidency and beyond, having hosted a gala at his Florida Mar-a-Lago home to celebrate the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act” that codified homosexual “marriage” into federal law in 2022 and later hosting a “wedding” of two men at Mar-a-Lago in February.

He has also embraced the claim by former acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and self-identified homosexual Richard Grenell that he is “the most pro-gay president in American history.”

The Log Cabin Republicans support radical LGBT policies, including the adoption of children by homosexuals, mandating that “LGBT couples” can adopt “in any program sponsored by federal, state, and local governments,” and a nationwide ban on “conversion therapy” for minors. 

Their support of adoption by “LGBT couples” highlights the fact that recognition of homosexual so-called “marriage” not only defies the truth and the natural law, since two people of the same sex cannot be united in marriage and conceive children – it seeks to redefine the family.

Pedro Gonzalez criticized Trump’s support for LGBT ideology and the Log Cabin Republicans on X, declaring that “the purpose of the Log Cabin Republicans is to move the GOP further left on the sexual revolution” and to “browbeat the socially conservative grassroots scene with LGBT nonsense – and Trump is acting as their vehicle.”

“To defend Trump, you have to accept the left’s moral framework and language… And he’s leading people off a left-facing cliff,” he added.

LifeSiteNews’ Doug Mainwaring has warned regarding the promotion of homosexual “marriage”: “Personal autonomy is a good thing within limits, an important component of human dignity and happiness, but clinging to personal autonomy to justify continued behaviors and policies which ultimately erode society by unraveling the fabric of marriage and family life – and which have led to the un-defining of man and woman, husband and wife, boy and girl, son and daughter – is to collaborate with objective evil.”

“This is a message many of us do not want to hear. But it is a message we need to hear. Hopefully it’s one each of us can begin to consider, then embrace. The future of our country and the western world depends on it.”

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