There Will Be Major Terror Attack In US By 2025 Former Green Beret Warns

A former Green Beret has warned that there will be a major attack inside the United States by 2025 and it will be partly thanks to President Biden’s open border policies.

Ret. Lt. Col. Scott Mann, author of Operation Pineapple Express, claims that veteran sources in Afghanistan have told him to expect a major terrorist event within the US within the next year.

In an interview with Newsmax on Saturday and told host Robb Schmitt: “What they’re saying is there’s a very, very imminent attack on the horizon and a lot of activity below the surface inside the Afghanistan”

He added “It has become the world’s biggest safe haven against to launch an attack against the West and specifically the United States.

InfoWars reports: Mann was part of Task Force Pineapple, a task force set up by a volunteer group of U.S. veterans to evacuate American citizens and Afghan allies following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan

Mann went on to lambast the U.S. intelligence apparatus and politicians for allowing a return to the same set of conditions that preceded the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which led to a massive expansion of domestic surveillance powers and the global “War on Terror.”

“We’ve been here before. We experienced this before. We swore ‘Never Again’ on 9/11 and spent 20 years building an intelligence capability and a partner capability inside Afghanistan to deal with this,” Mann explained.

Mann claimed since Joe Biden “abandoned” Afghanistan, leaving billions of dollars of military equipment and weaponry, the terror danger has returned.

“And then on August 15, three years ago, we just walked away from it and abandoned 98% of our intelligence capability. We’ve left it on that battlefield,” Mann lamented.

“Now for these striking revelations to come from these senior leaders that the dashboard is blinking red, yeah it is and it has been for some time, ever since we left there. So it does feel a lot like pre-9/11.”

“But the difference this time is that we actually do have a threat picture on what’s happening and we have an understanding of what’s happening,” he conitnued, “but the irony of it is, it’s in the mouths and groups of these veterans, and it’s really not coming from the very agencies and institutions that you would expect to be driving this effort.”

That may be because the U.S. intelligence community is too busy using their vast powers to target American citizens over their Christian faith or support for Donald Trump.

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