Star Wars Lesbian Witches "Use The Force" To Get Pregnant Without Men

The new Disney-fied Star Wars series is as bad as was expected, with one scene involving lesbian space witches going viral.

The series, called “The Acolyte,” already dubbed the ‘gayest Star Wars ever’ by some of its cast, has lived up to the title in every sense.

The scene below shows the characters conducting some sort of spasticy ritual to immaculately conceive twins by using the force… or something.

They could’ve used men, or sperm donors to get pregnant, or filed for adoption, but why bother with the effort and paperwork when you can just do a freaky dance and wave your hands around like a Bez from a galaxy far far away.

‘But Anakin Skywalker was an immaculate conception,’ ideologically captured nerds might cry. Ok, but that’s was a decent story. This is space lesbians dancing rainbow rhythms.

Whatever it is, it’s not Luke Skywalker blowing up the Death Star. It’s an insult to even put this in the same universe as The Empire Strikes Back.

The reaction was hardly glowing:

Yes, it’s only Star Wars, but like everything else modernity touches, it’s turned it to shit.

THE MESSAGE simply has to be injected regardless of whether it is relevant to the plot. 

In another recent Disney produced Star Wars animated show Tales of the Empire, one of the episodes featured a non-binary Jedi, for no good reason.

In one scene the they/them agrees to surrender to an Inquisitor, a character that hunts Jedi, just as another Inquisitor sneaks up from behind and attempts to kill the they/them.

The would be murderers then respect the pronouns of the non binary character they just attempted to kill.

Star Wars: The Acolyte has also been in the headlines owing to its ‘star’ Amandla Stenberg saying that “white people crying was the goal” of one of her previous movies.

As we previously highlighted, the next movie instalment of the Star Wars franchise, is to be directed by a Pakistani feminist activist, and the plot “will be shaped by a woman”.

Place your bets on how many tens of millions they’ll lose at the box office.

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