Pfizer CEO Threatens Humanity: Covid Was Elite’s ‘Rehearsal’ For What’s Coming Next

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was caught admitting the Covid plandemic was a “rehearsal” for the “main disease” which is yet to come.

According to the Big Pharma boss, Pfizer’s “best days” are still to come because of the company’s ability to mass produce mRNA at a speed and scale to vaccinate the entire world in a matter of weeks.

 Bourla also boasted that cancer, which has exploded around the world in the wake of the mRNA roll out, represents a highly lucrative market for Pfizer.

Turbo cancer is set to claim the lives of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people in the next few years, according to a Pfizer insider who warns that everybody vaccinated with mRNA is a walking, talking time bomb waiting to explode.

According to the insider, the Covid pandemic and the mRNA roll out was an operation with decades of planning, with the express purpose of injuring people, maiming, and killing vast numbers of people deliberately.

But it gets even worse. The mRNA roll out is only in its infancy. The sick and twisted ghouls responsible for the massive spike in turbo cancers are now set to reap massive financial benefits by forcing the entire world to get vaccinated against the problem they caused in the first place.

The globalist elite are using the pharmaceutical industry to carry out the greatest crime against humanity in history, and as usual they are determined to hide their wicked agenda in plain sight.

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