Pedophile Hunters Tie Up and Beat Tar Out of Illegal Alien Caught Raping 13-Yr-Old in NYC

Vigilantes caught the 25-year-old illegal alien wanted for Thursday’s rape of a 13-year-old girl at a park in Queens, New York — tying him up and beating the tar out of him while waiting for the police to arrive and take him into custody.

Dramatic footage show the fugitive cowering on the sidewalk as the angry mob pounds him and calls him out as “a rapist.”

“Where are you going? Where are you going?” a woman is heard screaming in Spanish while clutching his hair. “He’s a rapist. He don’t care.” Watch:

NYPost reports: The footage shows the suspect crawling under a parked car to get away from the mob, as bystanders keep screaming.

“He’s under the car. He’s hiding under the car because we beat the s–t out of him,” the woman yells as cops show up. “Beat his ass,” she adds.

One man is heard asking in the background, “Where my 10,000 at?” — a reference to the reward offered by the NYPD for the arrest.

One of the civilians said he waited for the suspect, identified as Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi, to come out of a deli on 108th Street — a few blocks from the park — after recognizing him from police wanted posters and surveillance video released by the NYPD.

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