MARKED FOR DEATH: USDA pushes for mandatory tagging of cattle so they know how many to order for slaughter

The globalist “green” movement is well under way, and it has nothing at all to do with “saving the planet,” but conversely, it’s about taking total control of the world’s supply of fuel, money, land, and of course, the food supply. If you have not heard about EID ear tags, realize now that they are NOT about disease prevention, as that has already been taken care of very well in this country.

These electronic identification cattle tags, also known as RFID ear tags, are mainly used for traceability for interstate movements of cattle and bison. Now the globalists and the United States government want complete control of the U.S. food supply (so they can reduce it drastically), so tagging all cattle and injecting them all with spike proteins is a big facet of the War on Food being waged.

Once the U.S. Department of Agriculture can figure out where all the cattle are located, and which ones have not been spike-prion injected with mRNA “clot shot” serum, they can begin the mass-execution and slaughtering of live “meat” in America, driving all the populace to consume toxic, lab-made Franken-meat, that causes cancer and helps with population reductionism.

America, you’ve been warned about cattle tagging for mass execution and USDA’s ultimate control/elimination of our nation’s natural food supply

What better way to force all Americans to eat lab-made, cancer-causing Frankenfood than to simply systematically eliminate all our natural food. This is done by growing all food as GMO, pesticide-laden and processed, and then conducting the world’s largest culling for exterminating all livestock, including cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs and sheep.

This is no conspiracy theory. For example, take an inside look at what just happened in Ireland, after the government there passed cattle-ear-tagging legislation in January of 2022. Just seven months later top bureaucrats ordered the mass execution of over 40,000 cattle. This was NOT disease-related either but done in the name of the so-called “green” movement. Follow the bouncing ball here.

The “Green Movement” really means putting the livestock and the humans six feet under the “green” grass by eliminating the natural food supply and injecting all animals and humans with billions of spike prions that cause cancer, heart attacks and dementia. Easy as A, B, C, 1, 2, 3. It’s a numbers game, and the globalists are running the gamut play-by-play.

Spike protein injections and ear tags for cattle all part of the final phase 

Yes, the global plan to exterminate all living livestock (popular edible animals) is in full gear, just the way the globalists planned it. With some new fear mongering over bird flu, herd flu and Covid-Wuhan flu, Americans are being conned into believing that all livestock must be injected and tagged for “safety” and “tracking” and “disease prevention.” It’s all a ploy. Smoke and mirrors for the big magic trick of sabotaging and decimating the food supply.

How are these viruses suddenly crossing over from monkeys and bats and birds to humans and cows? It’s called gain-of-function “technology” that’s funded by NIH (and Fauci) and it’s being used as a biological weapon of mass destruction to exterminate not only livestock but humans also. It's all part of the climate change hoax and the never-ending communist aggression that has now become an INSIDE JOB being performed by the Democrats in DC.

Watch what you eat and eat clean. Avoid spike-prion-infected livestock, pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables and ANY food that’s concocted in a laboratory. You don’t want to die from “impossible” disease that no U.S. doctor can cure. Tune your food news frequency to and get updates on the attack on our food supply, toxic food and food shortages coming to stores near you. 

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from

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