Mad Mullahs at it Again: Ahead of Iranian Presidential Election, Brutal Regime Renewing Crackdown on Headscarves

The mad mullahs in Iran are renewing their headscarf crackdown and revving up their brutality against Iranian women.

According to ABC News, nearly every afternoon in Iran’s capital, police vans rush to major Tehran squares and intersections to search for women with loose headscarves and those who dare not to wear them at all.

From ABC:

Enforcement began ramping up in April, with videos spreading online showing women having violent encounters with female enforcers dressed in the all-encompassing black chador alongside uniformed police officers.

While police haven’t published arrest numbers about the crackdown and media haven’t given it major attention, it’s widely discussed in Iran. But still, many women continue to wear their hijabs loosely or leave them draped around their shoulders while walking in Tehran.

In 2022, 22-year-old Iranian woman Mahsa Amini died from injuries sustained at the hands of regime thugs after her arrest for the “improper” wearing of a hijab; Iran has been engulfed in massive protests against the brutal regime.

Iranian men and women protested against the regime’s brutality and paid the price for daring to speak up.  Protestors faced being fired on with an AK-47 , the indiscriminately firing on protesters in the street from moving vehicles, the murder of Hadis Najafi , a powerful symbol of the uprisings, the kidnapping, torture, rape, and murder of Nika Shakarimi,  and a woman being dragged by police and sexually assaulted by a gang of Islamic Republic oppressive forces.

More than 500 protesters have been killed and almost 20,000 more detained, although those numbers are likely higher.

Never forget that the Biden administration extended a sanctions waiver allowing Iran to collect another $10 billion in funds.

Biden has now gifted the Iranian regime with $80 billion since entering the White House.

While they are using their time and their increasingly flush coffers to foment violence across the globe, the brutal regime has also stepped up executions of anti-regime activists and brutalizing more women who dare to push back against hijab rules.

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