Gunman Captured After Attack, Lengthy Shootout At US Embassy In Beirut

The American Embassy in the Lebanese capital of Beirut has come under attack Wednesday, and a gunman has been shot by Lebanese security forces after the armed man fired at the embassy. At least one embassy security guard was injured.

The badly wounded suspect was taken into custody following the shootout with soldiers, the military and embassy officials confirmed. Amid still emerging details, it appears to have been an Islamic terror attack, given the assailant had a vest with the words "Islamic State" written in Arabic.

Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) near the US Embassy, via AP

"The Lebanese military in a statement said that soldiers shot an assailant, who they only described as a Syrian national," Associated Press reports. The gunman is currently in a hospital and in policy custody.

According to more details

No motive was immediately clear. However, Lebanese media have published photos that appear to show a bloodied attacker wearing a black vest with the words “Islamic State” written in Arabic and the English initials “I” and “S.”

The attack and shootout with security was significant, given eyewitnesses said it lasted nearly half an hour, and involved the man firing an assault rifle toward the embassy from a parking lot across from the diplomatic compound's entrance.

An embassy spokesperson said of the wounded Lebanese security guard, "With respect to his privacy we cannot say more, but we wish him a full recovery." The embassy also confirmed that all embassy personnel were "safe".

Unverified image of the attacker captured on cell phone of local eyewitness:

Gunman Captured After Attack, Lengthy Shootout At US Embassy In Beirut

According to an additional statement by the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF):

"The US Embassy in Lebanon in the Awkar area was exposed to gunfire by a person holding Syrian nationality. Army members deployed in the area responded to the sources of fire, wounding the shooter. He was arrested and transferred to a hospital for treatment. Follow-up is underway to determine the circumstances of the incident," the army said.

Harrowing video footage showed the moment the gunman exchange fire with Lebanese soldiers positioned above:

Some commentators have underscored that the US will likely use this terror incident to beef up its military presence inside Lebanon.

Interestingly, even throughout over a decade of the war in Syria, there were no similar terror attacks and shootouts like this specifically targeting the sprawling US Embassy complex in Beirut.

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