Furious Vaxxed Are Blaming the Unvaccinated For Their Health Problems: ‘Why Didn’t You Warn Us?’

As the vaccinated population faces the disastrous health consequences of the mRNA vaccine roll-out, one question is becoming more common: Why did the unvaccinated not play a more proactive role in alerting the world to the risks associated with the experimental Covid-19 vaccines?

According to an op-ed by a fully vaccinated author, the unvaccinated have the blood of the vaccinated on their hands because “the unvaccinated knew what we didn’t” and didn’t do enough to warn the world about the dangers of the experimental vaccines.

“While well-intending citizens lined up, did the right thing, and received their COVID-19 vaccinations — now seeming to do more harm than good — their unvaccinated friends stood by and let them do it. Some of them said too little. Some said nothing at all.”

According to the author, most vaccinated people, including himself, are experiencing deep regret about taking the vaccine and are developing a sense of rage directed at the unvaccinated for not doing more to warn them.

“Even though they knew what we didn’t. Our blood is now on their hands.

Complaining that unvaccinated people possessed a special insight, but failed to share the benefits of this gift, the author continued:

“Those are strong words. But the unvaccinated had access to important information about the potential side effects of vaccines. They knew about the risks of severe allergic reactions, blood clots, and other serious health complications. They knew that vaccines did not immunize us. They knew it wasn’t effective, and that they can cause more harm than good.”

According to the author, the unvaccinated must now apologize to the vaccinated.

“The unvaccinated should by any moral measuring stick have done more to warn about the potential risks — to help us make informed decisions about our health. And they must now ask us for our forgiveness.”

“And, hand to heart, we may just give it to them. Because we are good people. We took those injections because it was the right thing to do — until it wasn’t.”

(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from thepeoplesvoice.tv)

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