Fat Propaganda Roundup: Low-Hanging Fruit

Fat Propaganda Roundup: Documenting the meatiest, juiciest cuts of “fat acceptance” propaganda from corporate and social media.

WTF (no header could do justice)

This is…

Just WTF.

Sometimes words escape.


The remarkable thing here is that somewhere out there on the vast interwebs, likely at this very moment — or any given moment, while you go about your day paying outlandish prices for inflated groceries or watch your kid’s baseball game — there is a lonely guy titillated, endowed by some psychological alchemy with a fetish for such imagery, going to town on himself in a basement somewhere to videos of morbidly obese mermaids jiggling erotically in tubs.

New York beach hijacked exclusively for seismic butterballs

Beached whale jokes: the lowest-hanging fruit in history. Besides, the terminology we prefer at Armageddon Prose is “human-walrus hybrid,” so let’s not mix animal metaphors.

I’m beginning to seriously consider that fats — at least the activist kind — masochistically invite mockery unto themselves due to some deep-seated self-hatred that I’m not equipped to diagnose properly. It’s like they want to be bullied.

Via The Guardian (emphasis added):

Fat Beach Day events are springing up across the US in an effort to fight back against fat-phobia, reclaim safe spaces for the community and honor plus-size culture*. Today, one of these celebrations is being held to coincide with Pride month at Jacob Riis Beach in New York, a location deeply ensconced in the city’s activism space.

‘We’re going through something culturally that is impacting us every day on an individual level and a systemic level,’ said Jordan Underwood, the event organizer. ‘We’re really trying to open up a space for people to be themselves.’

Underwood, a plus-size model, artist and activist, described being bullied for their weight as far back as middle school. Consistent hate, cruelty and harmful rhetoric from fellow students led to them setting up a blog at 12 years old, which became a place where they documented their experiences and made sense of what they were going through. In many ways, this marked the beginning of their journey into what they denote as ‘fat activism’.”

*”Plus-size culture”!

How long until some Democrat-controlled Congress adds “weight discrimination” to the long and growing list of outlawed -isms out of recognition of, and respect for, “plus-size culture” so they can get SS disability checks and free lifetime Ozempic prescriptions exclusive casinos on fat reservations?

Via Obesity (Silver Spring) (emphasis added):

“The steady rise in the prevalence of obesity has had a negative impact for people living with obesity. These include healthcare and social disparities that lead to diminished quality of life and social prosperity. Even though discrimination based on weight has a negative impact on people’s health and wellness, there is only one state in the U.S – Michigan – that has an anti-weight discrimination law. Massachusetts, in addition to some of the cities in the U.S. have been working to ensure that weight is added as a civil protection over the years. This perspective describes the importance of a weight discrimination law in the U.S. as well as summarizes the currently existing protections in the country.”

To summarize, it’s “weight discrimination” — and not their elephant hearts — that detracts from the fats’ well-being.

Amazing stuff.

Meanwhile, across the pond…

Via The Guardian:

“Children across the UK are getting shorter, fatter and sicker amid an epidemic of poor diets, food insecurity and poverty, according to a report warning that millions are facing a ‘timebomb’ of avoidable health conditions.

The average height of five-year-olds is falling, obesity levels have increased by almost a third and the number of young people being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes has risen by more than a fifth, the report by the Food Foundation said.

Aggressive marketing of cheap ultra-processed food, diets lacking essential nutrition and high levels of poverty and deprivation are driving the ‘significant decline’ in children’s health, researchers found.”

Ben Bartee, author of Broken English Teacher: Notes From Exile, is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs.

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