‘Extreme Left’ Violence: Le Pen Party Candidate Hospitalised Following Masked Men Attack

A candidate for the French snap election representing Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) anti-mass-migration populist party was attacked and hospitalised by a “group of masked people”.   Listen To Story

Marine Le Pen slammed “ultra-left militias” after a group of her activists, including a Parliamentary candidate, were set upon by a group of black-clad attackers in the city of Saint Étienne, in the Loire. The RN activists were “pushed around and insulted”, and “projectiles” including rotten fruit, water, and flour were thrown.

The assailants were described by the victims and witnesses were a “group of masked people” and “dressed all in black”. All-black nondescript clothing to confound police identifying violent activists is a well-known characteristic of the ‘black bloc’ hard-line left.

The stress or physicality of the encounter was apparently enough, states a report on the attack in Le Figaro, that RN candidate Hervé Breuil suffered a stroke and was hospitalised. He remained in hospital into Friday.

Read More Here: Breitbart 

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