Emmanuel Macron Warns of ‘Civil War’ in France if Public Votes for Populists

An increasingly desperate Emmanuel Macron has warned the public that “civil war” awaits France if they fail to vote for his brand of centrist neo-liberalism in the upcoming legislative elections. Listen To Story

Voting for either of the “two extremes” of the populist right-wing National Rally or the leftist-socialist New Popular Front will lead to “civil war”, Macron said in an interview in which he castigated the leadership of the two main opposition parties “and those who follow them”.

The embattled French leader, who’s party is trailing in third place in the snap elections he called, said that the “response of the extreme right” to France’s current problems would lead to insecurity “because it refers people to a religion or an origin, that is what divides them and pushes them towards civil war,” Le Figaro reports.

On the other hand, Macron said that the agenda of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s La France Insoumise (LFI) the leftist party at the head of the New Popular Front electoral coalition proposes a form of “communitarianism”, which he said also has a form of “civil war behind it”.

The hyperbolic comments from Macron were backed up by his second in command, 35-year-old Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, who said on Monday: “La France Insoumise feeds the National Rally and the National Rally feeds La France Insoumise with speeches of division, hatred, stigmatisation, which feed off each other.”

“In our country, some people have hatred, impulses, desires to attack certain communities or certain French people… Probably the victory of the extremes would release these impulses and could lead to violence.”

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