China Unveils New ‘Mind-Melting’ Weapon That Causes Instant Brain Damage

China is gearing up for World War 3 by readying a disturbing cache of mind-melting weapons, experts have warned.

According to reports, the Chinese military have access to weapons that are capable of rendering the enemy brain dead.

Xi Jinping’s regime have developed cognitive and biological weapons – designed to make their enemies fall asleep, impair alertness and damage decision-making. reports: Now, China experts have spoken to The Sun about the development of the game-changing weapons – and warned of a “terrible, brave new world”.

John Lee, a senior fellow at Hudson Institute and a former national security adviser in the Australian government, said the new weapons are designed to “defeat the enemy’s mind”.

Because “secrecy and transparency” forms a big part of Chinese policy, it is difficult to judge where exactly the regime might be at in developing these weapons, he said.

But Lee added that there is evidence to suggest the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is producing them.

And security expert Professor Anthony Glees told The Sun the threat of such formidable tech should be “taken very seriously indeed”.

He said: “Microwaves can be used to cause cognitive fog, dizziness, loss of balance, anxiety and nausea as a weapon.

“They could be aimed at a single specific target, say Taiwan’s military control HQ.”

Research group The CCP Biothreats Initiative first shared the alarming development of China’s cognitive warfare last year.

They suggested China is at the “forefront” of “advanced technologies” including “AI, brain-computer interfaces and novel biological weapons”.

And that the regime – which has long posed a threat to smaller states like Taiwan – is looking at using them for “military strategies”.

Some of the tech could even precisely target specific soldiers or leaders in enemy groups.

John told The Sun: “There is some evidence that the various Chinese entities do experiment and are developing these sorts of weapons.

“They’re weapons that essentially degrade the natural capability of the minds or the cognitive processes of particular targets.”

He said the PLA are interested in developing the tech to “defeat the enemy’s mind, or subjugate the enemy’s mind before the actual conflict or disagreement takes place”.

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