Bolivian Coup Averted, Top General Arrested After Short-Lived Rebellion

Update(1950ET): It appears the short-lived coup attempt is over, with reports of the following: The President of Bolivia, Luis Arce has just stated during a Press Conference that the Leader of the Coup d'état in the Capital of La Paz, General Juan José Zúñiga has been arrested by his own Troops after they realized he was conducting a Coup against the Government; with all remaining Troops currently Returning to their Bases. News wires are also confirming:


Now begins the speculation over whether there was any external state backer or hidden hand in this brief episode.

It also seems that for now at least, Arce's supporters were able to present enough of a showing to get the military leadership to back off.

* * *

There are emerging reports of a military coup going down in Bolivia on Wednesday, with embattled President Luis Arce denouncing the "irregular mobilization" of some units of the national army.

He has accused the country's top general, Gen. Juan Jose Zuniga,of plotting a coup, and warned "You need to respect democracy."

According to Reuters, "Heavily armed soldiers and armored vehicles were seen gathering in the capital's Plaza Murillo, according to videos shared on social media."

"Former President Evo Morales, who has publicly split with Arce even though both belong to same socialist movement, announced a national mobilization of his supporters to support democracy in a separate post on X," the report continues.

There are widespread reports that armored vehicles are destroying the door of the Presidential Palace, and that armed troops are breaking in.

Bolivia state TV is airing the following dramatic footage...

Amid road blockages and works stoppages across the capital, each side is urging their forces and supporters to urgently assist

Presidential Minister María Nela Prada said military and tanks were taking over Plaza Murillo in La Paz, calling it an “attempted coup d’état.” The people are “on alert to defend democracy,” she said to local television station Red Uno.

The general commander of the army, Juan José Zúñiga, present in the same square, confirmed that there was a movement of uniformed officers, and said: “We are upset by the affront, enough is enough.”

Currently protesters supporting Arce are filling up some of the streets leading to the square while chanting pro-Arce slogans and on their way to confront the mutiny.

The following widely circulating and astounding photograph shows President Arce meeting the leader of the attempted military coup face-to-face at the doors of the Presidential Palace:


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